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2 SERIOUS Vegan Recipes | Easy Vegan Bodybuilding Recipes


Green lentils, a major key πŸ”‘πŸŒ± + Tasty chocolate smoothie, for the win πŸ«πŸ†. Vegan gainz style!

First vegan recipe is a tasty protein packed recipe that leaves you feeling energetic after.

It’s made with (in order of appearance)
Green lentils
Spring onions
curry powder
Sweet bell peppers
Baby carrots
Sea salt
More water
Coriander & Parsley
Mixed herbs


The second recipe is A Nutritious Chocolate Powerhouse Smoothie. I’ve been pretty much living off this smoothie since my keloid surgery last week. Nutrition for days!

It’s very simple way to have great herbs & nutrients in a tasty way you cannot taste the herbs. Giving it a sweet, slightly nutty chocolate taste.

It includes
Maca powder
Hemp powder
Ashwaganda powder
Sea salt
Cacao powder
Optional ingredients include oat milk, dates, spinach, other herbs.

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Peace & love


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