Coal Cabbage – The (almost) vegan BraaiBoy TV Recipe

BraaiBoy goes Vegan… almost!

OK, so I’m not gonna toy with the vegans by claiming this is a vegan recipe and make them watch the video only to discover it’s actually a chicken recipe like I did in the Chicken Slider episode…

BUT… If you remove the bacon, I think this recipe could taste almost as good as the original… and THAT my friends is the nicest thing I think I’ve ever said about a vegetarian recipe. It’s a theory… and I’m not going to try it… but if you’re a vegetarian (and accidentally stumbled upon my blog), then please give it a bash and let me know what you think.

Anyway… MAN ALIVE!!! Trust me when, as a proper meathead, I tell you that this was so lekker, that I think I chowed half a cabbage on my own. Between myself, Donsie (cameraman) and Braam (producer/editor) we polished off a whole cabbage, and started tucking into the 2nd one before we shared with my mom and the gardener… this recipe tastes THAT GOOD!


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