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Easy No Cook Bloomed Wild Curry Rice Vegan Recipe


John from shares with you an easy to make no-cook wild curry rice that you can make with common ingredients.

In this episode, John and Lauren shows you how to make their Curried Wild Rice, a raw and vegan recipe that tastes amazing and is easy to make.

First, John will share with you how he blooms organic wild rice in 1 day without cooking so it is soft and ready to eat.

Next, you will learn about all the delicious plant ingredients uses to create this 100% plant-based curried rice vegan recipe.

You will see how you can easily vacuum blend the sauce that will top the wild rice, herbs, vegetables, and spices.

You will then see how to combine all the ingredients to create a easy-to-make wild rice that tastes delicious and is highly nutritious.

You will also learn about John’s new raw vegan recipe book and how you get over 150 delicious raw and vegan recipes to improve your health.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:55 How I Bloom Organic Wild Rice in 1 day
01:34 Wild Rice is Not Raw, and Why I Eat it
02:16 Recipe Starts
02:40 About our Curried Wild Rice
04:00 Ingredients and amounts Curried Wild Rice Recipe
07:42 Why certain ingredients are included
08:50 How I specifically made the Bloomed Wild Rice
10:30 Opening Rice and Fully Blooming Rice Information
11:50 Blending the Sauce
12:05 How and Why you should Vacuum Blend instead of using a Vitamix.
13:37 Combining Ingredients to Create Wild Rice Dish
16:22 More Information about the Raw Vegan Recipe Book that took 2 years to make
17:37 Why the Recipe book took two years to make
19:16 Trying the First Bite h
20:18 More information about the Raw Vegan Recipe Book
23:30 How you can get 2 Raw Vegan Recipes every Week

After watching this episode you will discover how to make a no-cook curry wild rice recipe. You will also learn more about John’s new raw vegan recipe e-book.

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