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How to NOT Lose Weight with the Alkaline Diet (How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight)


Good news – If you don’t want to lose weight then the alkaline diet is perfect for you too.
I’m going to show you exactly how and why the alkaline diet is the best possible way to get you to your health goals WITHOUT losing weight!

If you’re looking to get alkaline and get that abundance of energy & vitality then you’re going to be in one of 3 situations right now:

1) You’re looking to lose weight, lose excess body fat and tone up

2) You’re looking to maintain your weight – you don’t want to lose any weight and you’re not interested in gaining muscle either

3) You want all of that but you also want to build some muscle mass (maybe a little, maybe a lot), maintain the muscle you have and get more tone and bulk.

— If you’re in group 2 or 3 this video is for you.

The Alkaline Diet is NOT Just About Losing Weight!

In fact, just consider at some of these reports I’ve had back from some of my students of my alkaline diet training courses – a lot of these guys DID want to lose weight – sure, but look at the extra, unexpected (to them) benefits they got from getting alkaline: glowing skin, energy increasing, blood sugar levels normalising, clear digestion, joint pain gone, sugar cravings gone, bloating gone, reflux gone, IBS gone – and the best part is when you do it the way I am about to teach you , it is so, SO easily.

See the full guide and BOTH videos here:


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