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Recipes Cuisine The Most Popular In Indonesia


RECIPES CUISINE THE MOST POPULAR IN INDONESIA app is an application that provides complete information about the recipes that are popular in countries that are growing rapidly
 This app is a collection of Indonesian Recipes from various regions . Recipes that we show are recipes with images and Indonesia is an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands and the fourth largest in the world – with a population of around 230 million people . Ethnic diversity that there are about 300 , coupled with hundreds of years of cultural exchange has given rise to a variety of culinary mainstream.

Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions derived from archipelago comprising 6,000 islands , and holds an important place in the Indonesian national culture in general , and almost all Indonesian dishes rich with spices derived from spices such as pecans, peppers , key retrieval , galangal , ginger , kencur , turmeric , coconut and palm sugar followed by the use of cooking techniques and ingredients in accordance with customary traditions – there are also influences from such trade through India , China , the Middle East , and Europe .

Basically there is not one singular ” Indonesian cuisine ” , but rather , the diversity of regional cuisine influenced by local Indonesian cultures and foreign influences . For example , rice is processed into white rice , rice cake or rice cake ( steamed rice ) as a staple food for the majority of the Indonesian population to the eastern However the more commonly used corn , sago , cassava , and sweet potatoes . Presentation landscapes are generally served in most Indonesian food in the form of staple foods with side dishes of meat , fish or vegetable on the side of the plate .

Throughout its history , Indonesia has been involved in world trade due to its location and natural resources . Cooking techniques and authentic Indonesian food ingredients grown and subsequently influenced by the culinary arts of India , the Middle East , China , and finally Europe . Spanish and Portuguese traders brought various foodstuffs from the Americas long before the Dutch managed to control Indonesia . Maluku islands are renowned as the ” Spice Islands ” , also donated the original Indonesian herbal plants to the world of culinary arts . Culinary arts eastern Indonesian region similar to Polynesian and Melanesian art of cooking .
can be download at com.gabriella.recipescuisinethemostpopularinindonesia


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