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What Do they eat, Finnish food, naturally


PLATINUM Remi Award, In Flight Cinema
The 47th Annual WorldFest-Houston, International Film Festival, Houston, USA, 2014

This film shows how the seasonal variation is evident from the seasonal foods that appear on Finnish plates.
You can also see our cultural manners, Finnish way of living , our winters, autumns, springs and of course,

light, sun and warm, that’s what the unique Finnish summer is at its best.

Finland is the most northern country in the world to engage in agriculture.

One enriching feature of our food culture is Finland’s geographical location between East and West.
Our heritage from the West and Scandinavia includes e.g. sweetish bread, meatballs and soups.
We also like to prepare food by smoking.

Eastern food influences come from our neighbour, Russia.
Blinis have been popular with Finns since the days of the Tsars.

Other Eastern dishes include slowly simmered Karelian stew, wild mushrooms, and a variety of pies.

Every country has its original dishes. In Finland, these include ‘kalakukko’ fish pie, and the sweet delicacy, mämmi.

Enjoy !


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