Home Poultry Recipes 健康饮食【2/4】| 姜黄鸡胸肉+豆腐+菜 | Healthy Food 2/4 Turmeric Chicken + Tofu

健康饮食【2/4】| 姜黄鸡胸肉+豆腐+菜 | Healthy Food 2/4 Turmeric Chicken + Tofu

健康饮食【2/4】| 姜黄鸡胸肉+豆腐+菜 | Healthy Food 2/4 Turmeric Chicken + Tofu

Hey, the recipe for today is turmeric chicken using chicken breast after we clean the chicken meat, then add in the ground turmeric first, add in 1tsp of ground turmeric on the meat and add some chili powder since the chili powder (i using) is not so spicy, I’ll add in more but please taste the chili powder before add it in to avoid over spicy (hot) add in based on your preference and some salt then apply it on the meat evenly for both side (with same step) then leave it there for 30mins the color of turmeric might stay on our skin for some times if you want to avoid it, please use gloves or using spoon/folk.

.. the chicken was marinated about 30mins let’s cook it add some oil to the pan.. i’m using olive oil when the oil is getting hot then add in the meat and make sure you are using low heat to cook it next, add some tofu into the pan this is DIY Tofu, you can refer to previous video for how to made it when the turmeric mixed with olive oil and it will absorb by the tofu and become turmeric tofu.

.. cover it, and cook for few minutes After that, let’s prepare for the vegetables I’m using capsicums, green and red each 1/4. wash it, remove the seeds, and cut into smaller pieces after 2 minutes of cook, now turn the chicken to cook for another side same for the tofu the tofu is very fragile, so, do it carefully now.

. cover it again, and cook for 2-3 mins more after 2mins, open again turn around the chicken again same for the tofu last, add in the capsicums and… cover the pan again cook for another 2mins after 2 mins.

.. it’s ready to serve let’s check the chicken, is it cooked well? we can see that it was cooked transfer to a plate this is today’s recipe, turmeric chicken+tofu Thanks for watching please subscribe channel + like the video if you have question, please leave your message in comment area and share to your friends.



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