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3 – The Alkaline Diet and Cancer


This episode of The Cancer Dietitian Podcast covers the science (or lack of) behind the alkaline diet. Listen to the show to find out how I explain this topic to my clients. I cut to the bottom line up front, and also spend plenty of time explaining how our bodies manage pH (acid/alkaline balance), what research has been done on alkaline diets and cancer and what exactly proponents of the diet claim it can do. In typical “Julie style”, this episode is full of the practical, evidence-based nutrition information that you crave. With none of the sensationalism, guilt or pseudoscience. Get your info from the expert! Links:

Alkaline diet and cancer handout download available for sale on my website:

Does Alkaline Water Kill Cancer Cells? Acidic Foods and Alkaline Foods – Knowing the Difference Acid/Alkaline Diet for Cancer? The Evidence, or Lack of Cure Magazine article: Can a Low-Acid Diet Help Prevent Cancer?


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