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5 kg TURKEY GRILLED | INDIAN Style Turkey Recipe Cooking In Village | How To Stuff a Turkey

5 kg TURKEY GRILLED | INDIAN Style Turkey Recipe Cooking In Village | How To Stuff a Turkey

So we’re preparing Grilled Turkey. Actually it is tasty. So we’ve taken one Turkey for this. It weighs 5kg. Let’s pick the feathers and clean it. We can take out feathers by putting it in hot water since it was only one Turkey, we just did it.

We shouldn’t remove the skin. Let’s get it ready. Wash it. Let’s wash it well. Clean it on the inside. Pour it in. We’ll apply masala. Only little masala. Butter We’ll apply it. If we add too much masala, it won’t be tasty.

We’re not cutting marks in this. We’re grilling it in a unique way. We’ll apply butter on the inside. Salt We used salted butter so we don’t need too much salt. Pepper Powder Not adding too much. We’re adding these 3 items.

No other items are being added. Apply it well. We can insert a bamboo in. We can tie it with a string else it won’t stand. We can tie here as well so that it’ll be fixed there. Now we can prepare the grill stove.

This is the grill stove. We’ll be putting charcoal in it. Keeping these bricks so that the heat won’t escape. Need to fit 4 bamboos. To hold the Turkey. Tying it with a string. In this we’ll rotate the turkey.

Let’s add charcoal in it. Let’s burn it. If we add coconut shells, it’ll burn soon. Let it burn. We’ll place the turkey over it. Let it heat up. We can rotate it slowly. If we don’t, it’ll get burnt.

Ember is too hot. We can apply one more masala. This is made of ripe chilli, oil, ginger and salt. Turkey’s colour has started to change now. It’s been an hour now. We can rotate it little more time.

It’s cooked almost. It’ll get burnt if we allow it to sit. It is ready and we can take it. We can remove the string from it. We tied it strongly. Remove the stick. Turkey is cooked. We’ll take the leg from it.

We grilled it for 90-120 mins. You eat the big leg. Good that it cooked this much. We’ll dip in this special chutney. How’s it? Awesome! We didn’t add too much masala. Added only a little. So we prepared this chilli chutney.

Leg is cooked well. This is a small bone. Let’s squeeze some lemon. It’s so soft. It’s crispy. Have you eaten like this? First time. We usually apply a lot of masala and grill it but the taste of the turkey and chutney we prepared is great.

Tomato sauce We can move it. This is enough for us. 5kg Turkey There’s a lot of meat. We can cut it into small pieces and give it to kids. How’s it? Awesome taste. Like it and Share it. Subscribe us! Click the bell icon as well.

We’ll eat these legs and we’ll cut it all. We’ll meet again in another video. Bye!


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