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Allprettyall 2 Set 9 Inch Bread Banneton Proofing Basket With Bread Stencils, Scoring Lame, Dough/Soft Scraper, Recipe, Liner Cloth, Storage Bag For Professional, Home Bakers


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Product Description

proofing basketproofing basket


9 Inch

9 Inch

9 Inch

Quantity of basket




Quantity of scraper





Scoring lame

Baker’s trusted brand

Splinter free







Universal Recipe

We have prepared a recipe for beginners intimately. You can immediately make your own bread, make you from a novice to a baker, which also includes our card design.

Bread Scoring Lame

Made of stainless steel blade and wooden handle. Cut the bread dough or line the bread dough to help control the expansion of the bread while baking. It also helps to improve the appearance of toast, creating diversity form.

Linen Storage Bag

Our storage bag is made of cotton and linen, easy to clean, resistant to dirt, high quality, when finished all the work, please clean all the used accessories, then dry them, and store them in this bag to avoid confusion.

basket proofingbasket proofing

Package Contents (Ten Pieces)

2 Banneton Proofing Basket

2 Linen Liner Cloth

1 Hard Dough Scraper

1 Soft Scraper

1 Scoring Lame

1 Bread Stencils

1 Universal Recipe

1 Linen Storage Bag

Some of the amazing features of this product :

· Top quality materials, Indonesian cane;

· Sturdy and durable;

· Perfect for professional bakers and beginners;

· Original gift ideas for friends and family;

· Healthy artisanal bread;

· Splinter, mold and odor free;

· User-friendly;

· Non-stick.





bread basket

bread basket

Dough Scraper/Soft Scraper

Using hard bread scraper, you can easily manipulate the dough and clean the surface. Conform to the curve or shape of the mixing bowl. Another soft rubber spatula, you can even clean the small things in the cracks in the bread basket, which is really great!

Bread Stencils

Come with 16 pcs, release your inner artist with bread stencils. The bread is your canvas. This is your chance to create something truly unique. It is art, taste, fashion, enjoyment, and a good assistant for you to bake. With bread making supplies and tools, bread can have more soul.

Easy Cleaning And Not Easy To Mold

We use high quality and natural rattan, keep dry after clean, not easy to mold. No wood chips. And the cleaning is very convenient, you can use the scraper that we attached, so that you can solve the cleaning problem perfectly.

Why is this product for you?

Made from extra-durable, sturdily designed Indonesian cane, this bread basket is perfect for both beginners and professional bakers who wish to impress with crispy, tasty and perfectly shaped bread. The complete tool set includes everything you need, from scraper, cloth and unique stencils, allowing you to choose the healthier option when it comes to bread choices!

START UP and reap all the benefits this banneton set has to offer!

basket toolsbasket tools

✅ WELL MADE &100% HANDMADE – The rattan is pure natural, free from dye and chemicals, Design with comfortable and convenient. Smooth surface and no splinter,don’t need to worry about hurting hands. You can use it safely!
✅ PERFECT SIZE FOR BAKING BREAD – 9 inches (D) x 3.5 inches (H) perfect size banneton proofing basket 9inch includes baking accessories dough/soft scraper +bread scoring lame + linen liner cloth+ universal recipe+ bread stencils+ linen storage bag. The sourdough bread basket proofing holds up to 1.5 pounds of dough and works well with any recipe involving flour water salt and yeast.
✅ PREMIUM BREAD SCORING LAME – 304 stainless steel blades (1 + 4 replaceable blades) + sturdy stainless steel stick + handcrafted wooden handle + well designed for stability, no sliding and wobbling, very sharp for a cleaner slide in the dough. The curved blade is easy to make perfect bread cuts.
✅ DOUGH SCRAPER / BREAD STENCILS – You can easily manipulate the dough and clean the surface. The flexible material helps to get the last drop of dough or batter. Conform to the curve or shape of the mixing bowl. When transferring dough, avoid using your fingers, just slide the scraper into the sourdough proofing basket. Bread Stencils come with 16 pcs stencils, release your inner artist. The bread is your canvas; this is your chance to create something truly unique.
✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Quality makes confidence, we even prepared paper recipe (No commercial value) for our baking bread basket proofing set. We believe that our bread proofing basket set will be a good option. If you are not satisfied, please contact us for the full refund.


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