Home Poultry Recipes An easy chicken fry – Grill/ Pan fry & Air fryer

An easy chicken fry – Grill/ Pan fry & Air fryer

An easy chicken fry – Grill/ Pan fry & Air fryer

Let us do an easy chicken fry today. We can grill. Here it is getting colder. Officially, Fall (Autumn) season begins on Tuesday (Sep 22). We can have more of grilling and baking recipes using different methods.

This is my first poultry recipe – An easy chicken fry using very less oil. You can use Air Fryer, Pan Fry with or without oil Bake it an oven -See my description/Instructions. If you can Grill, do an outdoor grill.

Many houses still have an option of woodfired cooking, so you can grill it outdoor. I have used chicken leg pieces/drumsticks for this. You can use whole chicken and grill it occasionally. Try the same recipe with whole chicken.

Ingredients required: Ginger : 2 inches of length Garlic : 6 numbers Chili powder : 2 tbsp Used Guntur chili powder, very spicy one! If you want color, add Kashmiri Chili powder. Turmeric powder : 1 tsp Thai hot chili /Green chili – 6 to 7 numbers(finely chop them) Lemon juice : 1- 1 1/2 tbsp (half portion of large lemon ) Salt : as required Cooking oil : 1 tbsp (used olive oil) To marinate Chicken I have used oil.

If you have any cooking oil- say, canola oil, sunflower oil, mustard seed oil you can use that too. Take a small grinder/mixie jar Add turmeric powder, chili powder, ginger, garlic, lemon juice , salt and oil .

Make it a fine paste. Taken 8 drumsticks(leg pieces) 750 gms/1.70 lbs approximately. Fine paste of masala is ready. To this, I have added finely chopped chillies. Just I have added that to the jar . Add masala to the drumsticks.

Have taken drumsticks with skin , a preferred choice for grilling. It will be tastier. When you grill, the skin will release the fat and it enhances flavor. The similar way you can marinate whole chicken.

Use a small/medium sized chicken . Follow same recipe for chicken grill. Score the exterior part of the drumsticks. Chillies are finely chopped and the same have been inserted to the scores. Thai hot chilis / green chillies are filled on those areas.

Chillies give extra spiciness . Whenever you bake, grill or fry you get the chillies in your bite. This is the specialty zesty hot chicken fry! It’s a good starter /entree’ for the main course! Wrap marinated drumsticks with a cling wrap You need to keep it in fridge for an overnight.

Whenever you make a masala paste check for the flavors before applying it on the chicken. It is safer to check those criterias then. When we cook in a hurry, we tend to forget to taste the masala ahead and end up checking it later.

Remember to check -saltiness, spicinees. tanginess ahead! Kept 4 drumstick pieces on a grill.Flip it in between. Chicken is ready in 30-40 minutes. Most of us, use this method.. On an iron skillet kept 2 drumstick pieces.

Used Olive oil for marination. Same oil I have applied it on iron skillet as well. If needed, spray/brush oil. Spraying/brushing of oil- minimum use of oil. We just need a little oil.Time take : 30 minutes.

Pan fry – Chicken fry is ready!Let us serve it in a bowl. Air fryer method- Use an aluminium foil as a liner. Grease the surface. Spray olive oil. Remember to use same oil used for marination. Set temp at 400F/ time selected 35 minutes.

Pre-heat for 5minutes Aluminium foil paper will hold the masala applied on drumsticks. After 20 minutes, I flipped the sides of the chicken. We need to keep it for 10 more minutes. Airfried chicken is ready to serve!Let us serve it in a plate.

Welcome Fall! We fried chicken using various cooking methods. For grilling, calibrate the temperature to 350F/180 C Then we spread the chicken on the low rack. 4 drumsticks were grilled and 1 is already eaten up.

For frying, use any iron skillet or cooking pan . Kindly note, we used less oil. We took 30 minutes for frying. Important note: Use marinated oil for frying also. For Air Fryer, we used 2 pieces . Oil was used for greasing .

Pre heated Airfryer for 5 minutes. Later, we fried for 30 minutes. Flipped ithe peieces n between as well. This recipe cane be made easily. Ingredients are easily available. You don’t have to buy any sauce.

It is a quick recipe! This is a quick salad for chicken fry. medium red/purple onion : 1 Lemon juice /Vinegar : 1/2 tbsp Chili powder : 1/2 tbsp and salt as required.Salad is ready! I have tried this salad at a restaurant named Chicken County at Bangalore Whenever we order the whole grilled chicken , they used to give us this salad.

This salad goes well with our grilled/ chicken fry recipe. Hope you will try this recipe at home. If you like this recipe, don’t forget to subscribe, share and give your valuable comments. Thank you so much for watching!


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