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ANPHSIN 13″ Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Round Brotform Dough Rising with Liner


Price: $14.99
(as of Nov 21,2020 09:45:14 UTC – Details)

Need all-natural, self-rising bread making basket to make fresh, delicious homemade bread free of additives? Then it’s time to get the ANPHSIN Banneton Proofing Basket designed to make European-quality artisanal breads.
Better Fermentation, Better Crust

Make your boule artisan bread with the rattan proofing basket for rising sourdough and beautiful look of your bread.
Package: 1 Basket * 1 Linen Liner * 1 Scraper

Care & Use:
1. With natural smell of rattan, please wash the basket and liner with cold water, and let them hang dry thoroughly before first use.
2. Spray the basket lightly with cold water, dust with flour, sit for dry overnight.
3. Before proofing, sprinkle flour in the basket and swirl it round, empty out the excess, then place the shaped dough in upside down, seam on top, cover the banneton with a cloth and leave to prove.
4. Brush excess flour when finish, dry the liner and basket naturally and store in clean place or sealed bag. Always reflour before use.
5. Do not wash them frequently, it’s better to put in ventilated and dry place.

Natural rattan proofing basket is non-stick to sourdoughs, loaves and artisan breads, makes better fermentation.
Removable linen liner is useful for higher hydration doughs making it easy to move loaf from basket to baking stone.
The floured basket will put nice pattern on the top of your bread, and you’ll get pretty cob loaves.
Comes with a scraper for easy kneading and cutting dough; bannetons, cloth liners, and scraper are NOT oven proof.
Handcrafted and sturdy construction. Length: 13.2 inch, width: 5.7 inch, height:2.7 inch


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