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ASPARAGUS SOUP | easy vegan recipe

ASPARAGUS SOUP | easy vegan recipe

hello my friends its Dani and today I’m showing you how to make a creamy asparagus soup that is 100% dairy-free and happens to be completely vegan. now this is a lovely transitional recipe because it’s highlighting asparagus which is a bright fresh spring ingredient but the soup is warm and cozy so it’s going to help us transition out of the tail end of winter plus it could not be any easier to me mmm it’s like pillowy soft delicious so I start with 2 pounds of fresh asparagus which is usually 2 bunches of asparagus and ideally you want to look for an asparagus stock that is medium in width so not too thick and not super super thin ultimately any asparagus would work but I do find this to kind of be the happy medium then the next thing I do is I just trim the woody ends off the asparagus so sometimes you can see this because the color of the asparagus will start to change at the bottom so I just line them up and give it a chop and get rid of those would each bottoms then with the rest of the asparagus I’m just gonna cut these into 1-inch pieces I’m also gonna prepare one chopped onion and the easiest way to cut your onion is to trim off the top of the onion so the stem end then slice your onion in half peel off this paper is skin then make a few horizontal slices and then come over the top with some vertical slices and then you just bring the knife over the top and slice straight down and easy-peasy you’ve got yourself a chopped onion easiest way to do it I also need two cloves of garlic roughly chopped and one a 15 ounce can of cannellini beans these are also known as white kidney beans and I’m just gonna give those a rinse under some cold water that just washed us off any extra sodium so we can be in control of our ingredients other than that I’m just gonna need a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper now that’s all the prep work we need to do so I’m gonna bring this over to the stove and I’ve got a medium sized pot that I have heating over a medium heat and to that I’m adding one tablespoon of olive oil once the olive oil heats up in goes the chopped onion with a pinch of kosher salt now that salt is going to help to draw the liquid out of the onion which is going to help it cook a little bit faster and what we’re looking for is for the onion to turn translucent if you notice that your onion is browning just turn the heat down a little bit and or add a splash of water to the pan once the onions have arrived then I’m going to add in my garlic that asparagus that we prepped the cannellini beans and some low-sodium veggie broth so this is four cups of broth now you could also just use some cold filtered water if you wanted a really light bright clean tasting soup the broth adds a little bit more depth so it layers the flavor a little bit so either one would work it just depends what you’re looking for I’m gonna give it a little bit more salt and some black pepper seasoning as we go then I’m gonna turn that heat up let everything come up to a boil reduce the heat bring it down to a simmer pop on a lid and let it go for about 10 to 12 minutes really all we’re looking to happen here is for that asparagus to soften and become fork tender now the key to keeping this soup vegan and dairy-free is the cannellini beans because once we blend this soup up the beans are what’s gonna make everything rich and creamy so it’s quite remarkable and rather delicious and just a little FYI you could easily take this exact recipe base and swap it out for another seasonal vegetable so you could make a spinach soup you could do a watercress soup or even a baby pea soup all three of those would be delicious now once the soup has cooled a bit and I’m ready to blend it up I like to do this in my Vitamix so I do it in a blender you could also use an immersion blender if you wanted to a hand blender and do it right in the pot at the stove both techniques work perfectly well so do whichever one you prefer if you’re using a blender like I am make sure that you don’t fill it more than about halfway up because the soup is still warm and we don’t want any of that heat to create pressure that’s going to make the soup pop out of the blender so I go about halfway up keep the lid slightly ajar and then just turn it on and slowly rev it up until it gets nice and rich and creamy and it has this like velvety like texture now what I do is I transfer the first batch out into a glass measuring cup and then I take the rest out of the pot get that in the blender but lend that up as well and then I get everything back into my pot now from here you could leave this on the stove reheat it and you have a meal ready to go or if you wanted to do this as a meal prep you could just store it right into an airtight container pop this in the fridge and it will last you up to a week it’s a really great soup to make on the weekends so you have it ready to go during them now you can certainly enjoy this soup just the way it is it’s got this beautiful rich bright green color and those cannellini beans also add a nice bit of protein to the soup to really round out the meal but if you wanted to just make it look absolutely beautiful what I love to do is add some fresh steamed asparagus over the top a drizzle of coconut milk a little bit of fresh parsley and then some black pepper so simple so delicious and so very very satisfied mmm creamy delicious I cannot wait for y’all to give this recipe a try when you do please snap a picture and tag me on instagram and on facebook so i can see all the clean and deliciousness you’re whipping up in your very own kitchens and my dear friend if you have not already please take a moment to subscribe like and share this video with anybody else you know who wants to make healthy eating easy thanks so much for watching i’m danny Speas and i’ll see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers so from here I shut the heat off right and so from here I take the lid off ready boom so from here I shut the hit up ah oh yeah so from here I shut the heat off I take them nope here we go or do that one more time we’re having fun today aren’t we you


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