Home Italian Recipes Authentic Italian Lasagna Recipe | FAMOUS ITALIAN FOOD

Authentic Italian Lasagna Recipe | FAMOUS ITALIAN FOOD

Authentic Italian Lasagna Recipe | FAMOUS ITALIAN FOOD

this Thursday welcome and recipe comes from Italy yes we are making the iconic and the original lasagna so first let’s party the ragu also known as bolognese sauce start by adding olive oil to a large pan and throw your shot garlic onions carrots and celery inside now your little cubes of sexy pancetta and just let it cool 5 minutes until the onion white sauce and golden brown now it’s time to really face a news point don’t forget you can find all the quantities of the ingredients down below now you have your red wine and you need to let it cool for at least 5 minutes until it’s totally evaporated before you can have your shop tomatoes and of course your tomato puree at this point your kitchen will start to smell like an Italian recipe yes the Roma will be everywhere and they are amazing but back to the recipe of yourself like ever and shop press people now reduce your heat from high to low and let it cook for at least two hours now the second step why thought rationale in low heat keep an eye on your butter and you’re gonna melt it when it smell that you had your plain flour and don’t start whisking it now the milk little by little can never stop until you have a consistency just like that now it’s time for the spices so the black pepper in your nutmeg and mix everything and even I have a perfect decimal cause and look so easy and people and someone separate those want to come in packages for you do omok the bolognese sauce is ready let’s build it start by adding a little bit of the bolognese sauce your baking now you ready lasagna sooner and that Lauren saw bechamel and press redefine and these are the step vanishing bar beneath our FML and collagen you want to do a drink 5 to 6 players but the left layer is that from our sauce and you want to cook it a lot of it Dehlia ha ha the napkin grated parmesan on top and bake 35 minutes and she wanted agreed and we work guys let’s rest for at least 20 minutes before to be open and beautiful it’s perfect the flavors are amazing we open I do it we see you tomorrow we can use profanity to those where we are going to recreate it is alright so and you tomorrow


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