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Baklicious 220 pcs Parchment Paper Sheets 9×13/12×16 Unbleached Parchment Paper for Baking(12×16 inch)


Price: $16.89
(as of Nov 23,2020 10:01:37 UTC – Details)

Product Description

parchment paper sheetsparchment paper sheets

precut parchment paperprecut parchment paper

baking paperbaking paper

Baklicious has always been aiming to provide high cost-effective baking paper for everyone who love baking.






Baklicious Pre-cut Parchment Paper

Baklicious baking parchment has been pre-cut to a size of 12×16 inch,it frees you from having to worry about cut a parchment paper.

Neatly cut parchment fits perfectly on your baking sheet.

Processed food by Baklicious parchment paper with almost no clean up.

Our baking paper ’s temperature resistance is from -68 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baklicious parchment for baking is 40gsm and has a certain thickness.

You can put your foods on it without hesitation.

parchment paper

parchment paper

parchment paper for baking

parchment paper for baking

unbleached parchment paper

unbleached parchment paper

Easy To Clean

Our parchment paper for baking apply food grade silicone oil on both sides that eliminates the food sticking to the paper during baking.

Wide Range Of Uses

Baklicious parchment paper can be used not only in the oven but also in the refrigerator and the microwave.You can use it for baking bread,pizza,cake,etc.


Baklicious parchment sheets made from natural 100% wood pulp and totally fluorescent free without chemical composition. you can put your foods on it without hesitation.

baking parchmentbaking parchment


12×16 inch

9×13 inch

9×13 inch

13in x 164ft





177sq ft






baking parchment sheetsbaking parchment sheets

Pre-cut Parchment Paper Sheets: These 220 pcs pre-sized parchment papers baking sheets clean cut to 12” x 16” for a perfect baking, prep, and easy cleanup. It saves you from the hassle of the cutting step of cooking.
Non-Stick baking Sheets for oven: Our nonstick parchment paper sheets for baking easily release your stickiest food without sticking it to the baking pan. Most food items conveniently slide off from the baking tray and you just need to remove the baking paper sheets. These non-sticky half sheet parchment paper also exclude any inconvenience of using oil or sprays for perfect baking.
Food Grade and Non-Toxic: These kitchen parchment paper are certified food safe that means no components from the brown parchment paper ever migrate to food, nor its impact the flavor or texture of your food. Besides, with these non-toxic food grade parchment sheets, you don’t need to worry about leaching either. These baking parchment paper sheets are 100% unbleached, oven safe, non-toxic and BPA free.
High Quality & Thick: Our unbleached parchment paper is thick so moist foods will not soak through it when cooking and it’s strong enough to handle transferring your cookies from pan to cooling rack.
Multiple-Purpose: With a temperature resistance ranging from -68 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, our parchment baking sheets can be also used in the toaster oven, refrigerator and microwave oven. 


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