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Bamboo Board Oil (12oz) by CLARK’S | Enriched with Lemongrass Extract | Specially Formulated for Bamboo Cutting Boards and all things Bamboo


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Product Description

Clark Cutting Board OilClark Cutting Board Oil

At CLARK’S we love caring for wood. Our Bamboo Board Oil is the latest addition to our line-up of wood care products thanks to the many requests from our customers. Creating the right oil blend for bamboo boards and surfaces was a little trickier than hardwood for two reasons: First because bamboo isn’t really wood (it’s grass), and second because they use a LOT of glue when creating bamboo boards. That didn’t discourage the CLARK’S team though! We figured out the right viscosity oil to penetrate bamboo boards and then added a blend of lemongrass extract to enhance the germ fighting properties already inherent with Bamboo! Rejuvenate your bamboo surfaces and protect them from future damage with CLARK’S Bamboo Board Oil, a delightfully scented formula that’s easy to apply and works beautifully to restore and revive your food surfaces. Follow the instructions on the bottle for best results.

Why use CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil

cutting board oil

cutting board oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

antimicrobial food safe

antimicrobial food safe

prevents cracking warping

prevents cracking warping

Penetrates Deep into the Wood

Perfectly Scented with Essential Oils

Food Safe

Prevents Cracking or Warping

cutting board oil, step 2cutting board oil, step 2

How to Care for Your Cutting Board in 3 Easy Steps!

Proper maintenance of your cutting board, butcher block, or other wood kitchen surfaces can give them a lifetime of use. Follow 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Clean your cutting board with soap that contains natural ingredients

STEP 2: Preserve your cutting board with the highest grade of cutting board oil

STEP 3: Protect your board with a wax finish made from bees-wax and a generous amount of Carnauba

cutting board soapcutting board soap

STEP 1: Clean your cutting board the natural way! No animal by-products (Vegan) and no artificial thickeners or gels.

Regular cleaning of your cutting board or wood kitchen items is critical to the health and safety of your family, friends, or guests.

With CLARK’S Cutting Board soap you’ll get a rich lather and clean scent, and as a bonus it will all wash away, leaving nothing but a clean surface ready to prepare your next meal, or to apply CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil.

cutting board oilcutting board oil

Step 2: Condition with CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil

Apply a generous amount of oil evenly to the wood surface and allow it to penetrate for 1-2 hours. Make sure you oil all sides.

If conditioning wood for the first time, apply oil several times over a 24 hour period. Your new board may be very thirsty and may absorb a lot of oil.

Wipe off any excess oil and move on to Step 3 (protecting your board with CLARK’S Wax).

cutting board waxcutting board wax

Step 3: Protect with Finish

Bring that shine and luster back to your cutting boards. CLARK’S oil and wax are great because they won’t cause your wood to lose color or become rancid.

EASY TO APPLY – Simply rub the wax on your wood surface, let it sit for 30 minutes and buff off any excess wax. Use the CLARK’S applicator and buffing pad designed specifically to make this task even easier!

cutting board oil, step 2cutting board oil, step 2

3 Steps of Cutting Board Care

cutting board soapcutting board soap

Step 1: Clean

cutting board oilcutting board oil

Step 2: Preserve

cutting board waxcutting board wax

Step 3: Protect

cook entertain with confidencecook entertain with confidence

Cook & Entertain with Confidence!

Whether cooking for your family, or entertaining a dozen guests, we know you won’t settle for second best.

wooden bowls wood counters butcher block bamboowooden bowls wood counters butcher block bamboo

made in usa, 100% natural, food grade productmade in usa, 100% natural, food grade product

Stamp of Approval

Food Safe and Natural Ingredients

CLARK’S is obsessed with healthy eating which is why our oil exceeds US regulations on food safety and will never go rancid like plant-based oils.

Proudly Made in the USA

Our products are made on Bainbridge Island near Seattle. We’re proud to support local manufacturing and local jobs.

For More than Just Your Cutting Board

This oil has been specially formulated for Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Bamboo Utensils, Butcher Block Islands, End-Grain Cutting Boards, Knife Handles, Bamboo Countertops and basically any bamboo products that come in contact with food.

Your One Stop Shop for Cutting Board Care

clarks product line, cutting board soap oil wax applicatorclarks product line, cutting board soap oil wax applicator

At CLARK’S we also know you need more than the best quality cutting board oil on the market you also need soap, wax, applicators, scrub brushes, and buffing pads. You don’t need half of a solution, you want it all, and that’s why CLARK’S has become the brand thousands of customers trust. We’d love to earn your business and welcome any questions before your purchase. We’ve also added some handy instructions on this page to help you use the cutting board oil.

CLARK’S BAMBOO BOARD OIL PENETRATES WOOD DEEPLY – Oil works its way deep into the grain of Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Bamboo Utensils and Bamboo Countertops.
PREVENTS DRYING AND CRACKING – Oiling cutting boards or butcher blocks every 3-4 weeks helps prevent wood from drying, splitting or cracking.
Designed specifically for BAMBOO!
RESULTS – Just look at the incredible pictures our customers post. Join in and show your before and after photos!
EXPERT SUPPORT – Paul and Alan respond to every customer email! We want your experience to match the quality of our products


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