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BBQ Goat With Chermoula Slow Smoked BBQ Recipe

BBQ Goat With Chermoula Slow Smoked BBQ Recipe

welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen today we are going to barbecue this goat shoulder so let’s get out of the bag and see what we’re dealing with okay so we’ve got about seven pounds of goat shoulder and i’m not too sure how it’s butchered so let’s see what have we got we’ve got some of the shoulder the leg uh this is backbone and ribs and this would be neck i imagine so i’m not going to be able to cook this the way that it’s the way that it’s been butchered and presented to me so i’m going to take off the rib cage should be fairly easy there we go which leaves us with a foreleg and shoulder now we have the neck and the ribs and i’m going to take the neck bone off of the ribs the butcher shop i got this from the goats hang hole behind the counter and when i asked for a front shoulder they just cut off a big part of the goat so now i’ve got three parts i’ve got the leg i’ve got the ribs with a little bit of breast plate and i have the neck and the neck is going to be particularly good i’m going to cook this today low and slow over oak smoke on the yoder grill now i also want to rub this with something to bring out some other flavors so we’re going to make a version of a shermoula or charmoula sauce that we can rub on this and we can also baste it with during the cooking process so i’m going to start out with some red wine vinegar olive oil paprika cayenne toasted cumin salt and pepper so this is just my interpretation of this type of marinade sauce every family that i’ve ever eaten this with has made it slightly differently some will use vinegar and some will only use lemon or lime juice some will only use lemon juice some will use a mix i kind of like a mix so that’s what i’m going to do today and then we come to cilantro and parsley some will use both some will use one or the other but there’s always some in there i’m going to use both because again i kind of like both together so put that into the blender i’ve never seen anyone make this in a blender i’m taking a shortcut because my mortar and pestle isn’t big enough to make this and i really don’t have the time today to spend a lot of time making this sauce i want to get this out on the grill and get cooking so just get the lemon and lime into the blender and when i say i’ve never seen someone make it in a blender i’ve never personally witnessed anyone do it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen probably does okay i forgot the garlic excuse me while i go to the garden and get some i’ve moved the goat to this big sheet tray so that i can pour over some of the sauce and rub it into the meat and i’m going to allow the meat to sit for probably half an hour at room temperature while i get the smoker set up and you just want to put on enough to rub it in you don’t need a whole lot you don’t want it to be dripping off so just make sure you get a good coating all over and we’ll be good to go one of the things i really don’t like about this yoder smoker is the amount of smoke that it produces or actually the amount of smoke that it doesn’t produce it’s really quite lame so i’ve added a little bit of a smoker race in here so you fill this up with pellets you light it on fire you let the fire go out and then it will smoke throughout the cook in order to add that extra layer of smoke that’s really missing from this yoder smoker so i’m going to put the goat on the upper rack it’s hotter at this end than it is at this end so i’m going to put the shoulder on with the meteor bit towards the hotter end i’m going to put the neck beside it and i’m going to put the ribs over here now before i close this up i’m going to put a temperature probe into the meat just so that i can monitor the cooking and i’m going to put one into the neck as well so i’m going to close this up and i’m going to let this go for at least an hour before i come back to it and at the one hour point i will start to based on more of that shamula sauce don’t know how long this is going to take to cook that’s why i’m using the temperature probes we’ll see what happens it is time for the first basting so i’ve got the sauce let’s open this up and see what it looks like okay looking good so the thermometers let me know that the neck is cooking much faster than the shoulder which is to be expected so we might have to pull it off a little bit sooner or wrap it a little bit sooner but the leg and shoulder here is looking amazing so just baste this up and so are the ribs and the ribs of course will come off before the neck comes off as well the neck has reached 160 degrees fahrenheit so i’m going to wrap that in butcher paper for the rest of the cook the leg part of the shoulder is lagging about 20 degrees fahrenheit behind in temperature wrap this up and back onto the barbecue and away we go oh my goodness hi friends hi glenn you’ve been busy goat okay so start to finish uh that was about seven hours on the smoker took a little longer than i thought that’s a lot ago it is a lot of goat um what should we do i don’t know so this is neck let’s cut a little bit off the neck okay so look at that that is juicy there’s quite a bit in there that’s nice and moist let’s give that a try i’m just gonna use my fingers because i’m already messy oh i’m gonna hmm it’s got a nice flavor mm-hmm it’s really smoky mm-hmm um got that great goat flavor yeah it’s super chewy but it is the super chewy it is a super chewy piece though look at that some pretty good smoke yep so fight over this piece i cooked it i cooked it to 200 which is probably overdone for goat but everything i’ve read about this combination of spices on goat grilled says that they cook it to just over 200 degrees fahrenheit that it’s meant to be eaten well done rather than okay then rarish but it’s not i mean it seems a little bit on the dry side but the flavor is amazing isn’t it it is okay goat needs more love and i think i need to work on this a little bit more to figure it out because while this is fantastic you know it can be better i can be better yeah i can do better okay so it’s a good experiment you have to test things not a whole lot of information out there for me to to really grab on to uh version one version one i’m gonna do it again i’m gonna cook it to a lower temperature but of course if you’ve got some advice to give us feel free to comment below because uh we’re so have you slow barbecued goat what do you do how did you do it let us know in the comments section below um thanks for stopping by stay safe see you again soon you just jumped right in there did you go go rib you


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