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BEST Southern Home Fried Potatoes and Sausage Recipe

BEST Southern Home Fried Potatoes and Sausage Recipe

There is nothing better than a good old southern recipe and today we’re making home fried potatoes and sausage Welcome back to cooking with shotgun ready. I’m Sheila. I’m Jennifer and today we’re making a southern classic recipe and We love this recipe.

It’s as old as the hills, if not older But it’s a good one! Hey, and by the way, if you love what we’re doing and you love these recipes don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by hitting that button down there and click the bell and you will get notifications every time we come out with a new recipe so we have got our potatoes and What we’ve done is we have gone ahead and peeled up these potatoes Sheila’s good with a knife because it’s a lot easier to do it with a knife We are going to cut them in half The thicker the potato the harder it is for them to get cooked easily in the pan so we want to make them kind of thin and We’re gonna put them in a bowl and set them aside.

And then we’re going to cut our smoked sausage and What we want to do with the smoked sausage You can use any kind of light so you just want to slice these and about the same width that you did the potatoes and kind of long and angled and like bite-sized pieces, so it makes it easy to To fry up in that pan and all that sauce is going to add a lot of flavor okay, so we’ve got our skillet here on medium heat and we’re gonna add about three to four tablespoons of Olive oil you don’t need a lot at the beginning? You might want to save some of that because you’re going to need it for the potatoes So I’m just gonna put a little bit in right now And the first thing we’re going to want to do is add in our chopped up smoked sausage now If you have bacon grease Or something like that that has flavor in it You can do it that way and use the bacon grease to flavor, but we’re gonna flavor up this oil with The sausage because it has a lot of salt in it already and it’s gonna give it a nice flavor I’m gonna brown up this one side and we’re gonna flip this over and then I’m going to add in our onion as well While we’re waiting for the sausage to brown up I’m just going to pour a little bit of olive oil in these potatoes and just kind of coat them lightly Because there’s gonna be oral in the pan, but we make sure both sides get covered in oil and it’ll keep them from turning brown All right now that we flip that over I’m gonna add some of our onion in here and this is about medium chopped up onion about a cup And I’m putting the onions in with the meat good let’s get a flavor as well We’re gonna saute tall that up and all that juice Let that continue to fry up once those onions are translucent like that we’re going to go ahead and Put this on a plate and set it aside So we can get our potatoes cooking And if you leave a few onions in there don’t worry about it, it’s because it’ll just make it taste that much better All right, I’m gonna add this a little bit more olive oil All right, so I’m gonna add my green beans in here You get these flavored up a little bit You can just use you can use the French style or cut style or fresh wherever you have on hand I’m also gonna add just a little bit of garlic You got minced garlic gonna use that Or a fresh garlic dried garlic We’ll get in there.

He won’t take very long green beans. They’re already cooked But they’re fresh. You’ll have to cook them a little longer. Okay. So those are already pretty much cooked So I’m gonna go ahead and move those out and set them on that same plate with my smoked sausage and onions And we’re gonna do our potatoes a little bit more oh well You know But our potatoes are already coated So we’re gonna put our potatoes in here And this is about five large potatoes So we’re gonna turn up the heat just a little bit so I can get these browning It’s a medium-high Make sure that you pick the amount of potatoes that will fit in your pan, too because if you put them too high, they’re not gonna get brown and crispy for you caramelize like you want to Okay, so you can see that they put these over its kind of a nice golden brown And that’s what we want The let them comfy get nice and brown on one side So as you can see, these are all nice and brown and They’re fork-tender.

So you can just you can just test them by putting a little fork in there And if they break apart real easy, you know They’re done and what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna take a little tinge of our salt and pepper that we’ve set aside here and just kind of season our potatoes and Then we’re gonna take our green beans and our onions that we sauteed and That’s no good Sheila I’m starting to sound like Steve.

.. what do you think Sheila? LOL You can cook it for maybe just another couple minutes make sure the sausage and everything gets hot again Okay, so we’re going to let that cook up for another couple minutes and I’m just gonna season the rest of my salt and pepper.

we are using about a teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of pepper Now remember your sausage already has a lot of salt to it. And then I’m also gonna put a half a teaspoon of some red pepper cuz I like a little bite Just a little bit That’ll flavor it up.

Nice a little bit of dried green chives All right, we’re gonna turn off the heat and we’re gonna eat That’s no good. Oh my gosh Yummy here just go that way so you can smell it. I just want to get a shovel and a shovel Let’s try so not you alright that smells delicious Doesn’t it yes, look at that And I got those potatoes nice and brown and crispy with some this thing.

Yeah I know I could just look at the steam coming off of it. You better cool better cool off before you take a bite Yes, because we know how you are We know how you are okay ready? Oh Yeah Mm-hmm you can taste the garlic and the onion in the potatoes absorb that flavor from the sausage and It’s delicious.

Steve would say…”Is this the best? Southern Home Fried Potatoes and Sausage if it ain’t it ought to be! thanks again for watching and liking and sharing and subscribing and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and all of our social links are right down below along with the recipe and all of our website addresses everything to reach us is all right below this and don’t forget about our cookbook coming up and We also have our free membership where you can join and you’ll be the first to know about new and upcoming things there’s a link right below this so please sign up for our free membership and We’ll see you next time right here on cooking with shotgun red.

Bye Well, that’s she she and Jen Jen them two girls having too much fun We hope you enjoyed this recipe and we really hope you subscribe to our channel That’s easy a little shotgun red space will pop up over here in a little bit when you click on it’ll say subscribe Then you’re subscribed next – it’ll be a little notification bell If you click that little bell Then YouTube will send you every single one of our recipes or a notification that we posted one as soon as it comes out see You next time right here on cooking with shotgun ran this the best? if it ain’t it ought to be!


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