In this vlog, I share with you this tasty treat known to the locals as Bake and Shark! You’ll also get to see some nice video footage of the Maracas beach in the process and see all the different condiments that go along with this delicacy! Hope you enjoy this disorganized blog! lol

Video equipment used to create my Youtube videos:
DJI Phantom 3 Standard 2.4K –
Extra Original DJI Phantom 3 Battery –

SJCAM Waterproof camera with 4K sensor –

Iextreme 43-in-1 Accessories Bundle Kit for Gopro-like cams –

Yi 4K Camera –

[My Photography Equipment with video capabilities]
Nikon D3300 DSLR for Photos and 1080P Video –
Extra 2-pack batteries for Nikon D3300 –
Neewer Lapel Mic compatible with Nikon D3300 –

[Extra DJI Equipment]
DJI Phantom 4 – 4K Video –
DJI Mavic Pro –
DJI Spark –



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