NATURAL CURES: Popular Alkaline Foods That Help Prevent Cancer And Other Chronic Disease. Benefits of an Alkaline Diet!

We’ve all read articles prescribing healthy foods and diets but most human beings aren’t aware of the benefits of following an Alkaline Diet. Alkaline food is tasty and provides health benefits that genuinely improve our lifestyle in the long run. What is Alkaline food, you ask? It’s food which helps you balance the pH levels in your body.

pH levels are measured by the mineral density of the food you consume. All living beings depend on a balanced pH level in order to live a healthy, normal lifespan. It is said that a body that has a balanced pH level is less likely to develop diseases and illnesses than one that has an imbalanced one. There are a few experts that contest this claim but according to the observed trend, this statement stands true.

The average human consumes a large number of foods that increase our body’s acidity which in turn keeps our body’s immune system constantly active, trying to balance our pH level. This leads to an increased chance of falling sick of getting a disease.

According to Forbes Magazine, “Our bodies go to extraordinary lengths to maintain safe pH levels.” If you keep consuming acidic foods, your body’s constantly fluctuating pH levels can lead to something called “acidosis”, a state in which your body’s fluids containing too much acid.
This leads to your Kidneys and Lungs being unable to effectively balance your pH level, leading to respiratory problems, potential kidney failure, a struggle to maintain balanced metabolism in your body which leads to obesity and dehydration.

What is pH Level?
Before we learn about Alkaline Foods and diets, it is important for us to know what pH level exactly is. pH Level is short for potential of Hydrogen. It is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in one’s body’s fluids and tissues. Measured on a scale of 0-14, experts consider 7 to be a neutral pH level for an average Human Body.

However, the optimal pH level is considered to be 7.4, which makes it slightly alkaline. The more acidic a solution is, the lower its pH level. pH levels can vary throughout the body, the stomach being the most acidic region of it. The slightest of alterations in pH levels can lead to problems. For example, rising CO2 emissions have led to the pH level of the ocean dropping from 8.2 to 8.1. This has caused a lot of aquatic life to suffer shorter lifespans and death from illnesses. pH levels are also vital for growing plants, which in turn affects the mineral content in the food we eat.
What is an Alkaline Diet?
An alkaline diet is a diet comprised of foods that have higher than average mineral density and fight acidity. These foods strengthen our Immune System by countering our body’s acidity with mineral density. There are many foods that we can consume as part of an Alkaline diet and the fun part? These are just as delicious as acidic foods.

There is a catch, though. If you intend to follow an Alkaline diet, you’ll be cutting short on a lot of foods that you are otherwise used to eating on a regular basis and this includes caffeine and alcohol. It’s not easy to give up on food like that but the lifestyle that follows living on an Alkaline diet is worth it. A lot of Hollywood celebs live on Alkaline diets in a bid to stay fit and avoid diseases like cancer and arthritis. Below is a list of Ingredients for Alkaline Food that you can use to follow your diet.

● Olive Oil: Olive oil happens to be rich in Vitamin E and Monosaturated fatty acids. Monosaturated oils are liquid at room temperature and start to solidify at refrigerated temperatures.

● Watermelons: Watermelons are really well hydrated fruits that happen to be really Alkaline in nature. Their pH level is 8.5, much higher than the optimal human pH level and consuming them helps balance out your pH level and in cleansing your colon. A glass of melon juice is also a very healthy way of cooling off in the summer.

● Carrots: Carrots are extremely good for keeping your eyesight sharp and are easy to preserve. They can be obtained during any time of the year and add plenty of taste when cooked as well.

● Cucumber: These contain a very high mineral density and are made up of 90% water. They keep your body well hydrated and are also good for keeping your skin moisturized.

● Green Drinks: Drinks that use ingredients like Bittergourd, Green Apple or Cucumbers are really good to start off the day with as they’re just as good at giving you that required boost in energy as Caffeinated drinks but much better as far as health goes.

While it is true that an Alkaline diet mostly comprises of fruits and vegetables and needs you to go Vegan, the vast health benefits you gain from sticking to an Alkaline diet are not ignorable.
Natural, fresh food that is devoid of any preservatives is the best way to go for a Healthy lifestyle and can be delicious to eat as well, if cooked well.



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