A great “Italian Food” from “Sicilian Traditional Cuisine”: Tonno alla Messinese” (Tuna ad Messina Style. Along our new “Italian Grand Tour”, “Stile Italia Tv” have visited “Hotel Villa Diodoro” inTaormina, one of the first and most important historical hotel of Taormnina.
Thanks to “Francesco Miano, Chef of “Villa Diodoro” and his sous chef “Francesca Mobilia” we present how to make the traditional recipe of “Tonno alla Messinese”
“Italian Food”, “Italian Cuisine”, “Made in Sicily”, “Discovering Sicily”, “Discovering Italy”, “Discovering Taormina”, “Italian Grand Tour” are realized by “Danilo della Mura”, produced by “Stile Italia Tv” and “Leisury Tv”.
Thanks to the kindly collaboration to “Alfio Bonaccorso”, “Antonella Ferrara”, “Taormina Cult” & “Taobuk”.
Thanks for the hospitality to “Isabella Bambara De Luca”, “Grand Hotel Villa Diodoro” and “Hotel San Pietro” in Taormina.



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