Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes #2 – Ayurveda – Leukocytosis

A delicious vegan meal idea:

Raw, red bell pepper cut up

Uncle Ben’s Stuffin Such – Traditional Sage with rice and vegetables

Baked Potato with, lime juice, simulated bacon bits, dried chives and onions, sprinkled garam masala and tumeric, chili peppers,

The main reason I didn’t use oil or margarine is because fats and carbohydrates require opposing digestive processes and cancel each other out so it is best not to mix carbs and fats or carbs and protein to ensure optimal digestion.

Check out a food combining chart here:

A good article about Ayurveda and increasing your digestive fire (Agni) to reduce Ama in your body.

Although a lot of people say that you need to eat 50% of your meals raw food to avoid leukocytosis it has been proven that you only need to eat 10% raw and the rest can be cook. However, I think it’s a good idea to eat a high raw diet of much more than 10% for the innumerable benefits such as: phyto-chemicals, life force energy, enzymes and fiber.



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