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Brown Tulip Baking Cups, Medium Size, for Muffins, Cupcakes, Eco Friendly, Disposable, Non-Stick, Pack of 200 – by Ecobake


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EcoBake Medium Tulip Cupcake Liner Paper Baking Cups

EcoBake’s medium tulip paper baking cups are perfect for baking a variety of treats, from cupcakes and muffins to souffles and more! Great for home bakers, these baking cup molds are manufactured on high-precision automated production lines, which provide a minimum size tolerance, making the molds suitable for use on automated destackers, perfect for restaurants and bakeries with higher production levels.

The Only Tool for the Job

EcoBake’s baking cups are self-supporting and do not require metal tins for baking. Forget partially filled muffin or popover tins, you can use every last drop of batter. Their fluted petal design creates a level of presentation before icing is applied.

Food Safety Specs: The vertical band is made from non-stick, grease proof, corrugated paper, approved for direct food contact. The base is made from non-stick, corrugated, micro-perforated paper, approved for direct food contact. The printing inks used can withstand high temperatures and spraying with preservatives.

EcoBake Paper Baking Molds vs ALUMINIUM Pans:

– Paper is biodegradable

– EcoBake’s baking cups can be used in microwave ovens

– Permits metal detectors to be used at the end of the production line

– EcoBakes paper baking pans allow faster cooking, thus saving energy

– EcoBake’s baking paper material increases food shelf-life

All EcoBake products are manufactured using recyclable and biodegradable paper

They safeguard the environment and comply with international regulations concerning direct food contact packaging.

EcoBake uses carefully selected, highest quality raw materials in the manufacture of its products. Ecopack is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems and complies with European standards. It is also certified BRC (Issue 5) for Packaging and Packaging Material

★WITHSTAND HIGH TEMPERATURES UP TO 390 F: Bake your food at a high temperatures without worrying about the paper getting burnt
★CAN BE USED IN MICROWAVES & OVENS: Can be used in the oven at fairly high temperatures and in microwave ovens, unlike tin foil / aluminum pans
★FASTER COOKING = ENERGY SAVING: Muffins, cupcakes and mini souffles baked in EcoBake Tulip paper cups cook faster and require less handling than aluminum baking trays, allowing products to be frozen/quick frozen if necessary
★INCREASES FOOD SHELF LIFE: EcoBake’s disposable souffle cups or mini muffin cups baking paper plays a crucial role in extending the shelf-life of other food products such as corn muffins pound cake Etc. Baking paper is one of the commonly used materials this is because it is environmental friendly; it is biodegradable, easy to recycle among-st other benefits that make sure the paper increases food shelf-life.It is perfect for baking muffins cupcakes Souffle Corn Muffin Quiche Etc
★NON STICK GREASEPROOF PAPER: EcoBake’s muffin baking cups / Panettone paper baking molds are often used as a non-stick and disposable souffle cups, corn muffins cups, pound cake mold, as well as other flavour muffins . EcoBakes cupcake molds / muffins cups come in a veriety of forms and sizes. Baking paper is used to prevent baked products from sticking to the pans .This use is beneficial because it eliminates the need to grease baking pans.


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