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Chef Knife Bag (8+ Slots) is Padded and Holds 8 Knives PLUS Your Meat Cleaver, Knife Steel, 4 Utensils, and a Zipped Pouch for Tools! Durable Knife Carrier also Includes a Name Card Holder. (Bag Only)


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Product Description

Why Opt for a Knife Roll?
Perhaps we all have secret childhood dreams of becoming the next expert knife juggling genius, but when it comes to moving our knives from one place to the next, most of us should probably leave knife juggling to the circus professionals.

So how do we transport our knives without losing a hand or dulling our blades?

Whether you’re a professional traveling chef, culinary student, or heading out on vacation, knife roll bags are the perfect solution for transporting your own knife set!

Why Noble Home & Chef?
We didn’t name ourselves Noble for nothing! It is our primary goal to provide you with quality and trustworthy products for your home and kitchen. Our knife bag is no exception!

We listened to traveling chefs, culinary students, and vacationers to find universal complaints in other knife rolls, and set out to provide a knife bag that meets those needs.

What Sets This Knife Bag Apart?

Additional padding and polyester flap for extra protection Holds 8 knives up to 18” long including handle length (Knives Not Included) Extra pouch for your meat cleaver Additional zippered pouch to carry extra cooking tools Covered slot for your knife sharpening steel means you don’t waste a slot for your knives, but also keep it from dulling your blades in transit 4 additional slots for tasting spoons or utensils Handle AND Shoulder Strap (adjustable and removable) included Business Card / Name Tag Identification Holder Durable 600 Denier Polyester Canvas Strong zipper ensures your knives stay safely in your bag, giving you peace of mind while in transit that your knives are secure See Pictures Below for Chef’s Bag Dimensions


Additional cover flap and full-bag zipper ensures your knives have extra protection and remain safely in your bag while in transit.


Includes a business card / ID card slot on the back of your bag so you can easily tell your bag apart from others.

Dimensions – Knife Bag

For those of you more interested in the numbers:

Bag When Rolled: 7″ Tall X 19” Wide Bag When Open: 19” Tall X 21” Wide Chef Knife Slots: 4.75″ Tall X 2″ Wide Honing Rod Slot: 11.5″ Tall

Dimensions – Accessory Pouches

For those of you more interested in the numbers:

Meat Cleaver Pouch: 10.75” Tall X 4.75” Wide Utensil Pouches: 3″ Tall Handle Slots Tool Pouch: 12” Tall X 5” Wide

Excellent for Chefs

This knife roll was specifically designed with chefs in mind, making it great for chefs and culinary students alike! The shoulder strap makes it easy to transport, the business card holder helps you to distinguish your knife bag from others’ or provide referrals, and the zipper ensures your knives stay secure in the bag. These features help keep your knives sharper longer and also make it a perfect solution for vacationing and camping!


Knife carriers have to be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use, so it was of upmost importance that we prepare for this. Every Noble home & chef knife bag is comprised of a 600 Denier, thick polyester canvas, capable of handling the knives and tools intended. Also, we go the extra mile and double-stitch each seam to ensure the integrity and strength of your knife roll!

What’s in the Box?

One Noble Home & Chef Knife Roll
(Knives and Tools Not Included)

HOLDS WIDE ASSORTMENT OF KNIVES AND TOOLS– Knife roll has 8 slots for knives ranging from paring knives up to 18” knives plus a covered slot for your knife sharpening steel, 4 slots for tasting spoons, AND a zippered pouch for extra tools! KNIVES/TOOLS NOT INCLUDED.
EASY TO CARRY – Our chef knife bag includes both a handle AND shoulder strap (removable) for your preferred method of transport.
DURABLE – Padded for extra protection and designed to withstand many years of daily use. Instead of fragile fabric that punctures and cuts easily, we specifically chose a 600 Denier Canvas woven out of tough, sturdy polyester to give you a knife roll you can rely on.
EASILY ID YOUR KNIFE STORAGE BAG: A slot for your nametag or business cards means you can easily identify your knife roll from other chefs’. Also throw in some extra business cards for referrals!
SAFE AND SECURE – Our chef’s bag features a tough canvas cover flap as extra protection for your knives, a zipper to secure the knives safely inside, and adjustable straps to make sure they stay put. Roll it up, zip it up, and you’re safely on your way!


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