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Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe – Char Siu | Chinese Recipe

Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe – Char Siu | Chinese Recipe

hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen today I am finally making a much requested recipe Chinese BBQ pork or char siu, now even though this is a Chinese recipe it’s available all over Asia including Thailand it’s actually pretty straightforward to make at home but growing up I never thought about making it myself because it’s so available you can go and buy it just about anywhere but making it at home is always better right so this pork is actually very versatile you can put on rice on noodles you can stuff it in a bun today I’m just gonna show you the pork itself in the future I’ll show you what other dishes you can turn this pork into let’s get started so you might have noticed that Chinese barbecue pork typically has a red tint to it sometimes it’s really rarely give it in Thailand in that case it’s probably food coloring but sometimes it’s just subtle red and in that case it might be something more natural like what I am using and that is red bean curd so this is fermented bean curd and the red color comes from a specific kind of fungus that they used to ferment it it’s got a salty flavor but also rich umami flavor to it it comes in a glass jar like this and I also have a couple other recipes that use it if you wonder “okay.

..if I get this what else am I going to do with it?” I have other ideas I will link to them in the description below let’s just add this and some of the juice and I’m just gonna mash it yes looks very appetizing right now just wait the rest of the ingredients go in so I’ve got some hoisin sauce hmm it’s like Chinese barbecue sauce it’s sweet it’s rich thick some soy sauce and I am using a Japanese soy sauce for this just because it’s a little darker more intense than Thai soy sauce of course you should use Chinese soy sauce if you have it I just don’t happen to have it what else do I have I’ve got some Chinese cooking wine which is optional you don’t have to add it but if you have it a little bit of sesame oil optional but I do like that flavour some honey so char siu is supposed to be sort of salty sweet the sweet note is quite prominent a couple of dry spices this is the most important part Chinese five-spice powder now you can buy this or I also have a recipe of how you can make it at home as well it’s just a mixture of different spices really easy this is the key flavour right here so do not leave that out and I’m just gonna add some white pepper just for a little heat and that’s it! Oh, garlic almost forgot garlic so I’m just gonna grate my garlic you can use garlic powder too if you want.

Don’t grate your fingers! and with a mini whisk we are going to mix it all together and that is it that’s the marinade really straightforward right? Now the other important ingredient is the pork so for this recipe I am using pork shoulder now when you see char siu at like a Chinese barbecue place it’s usually very long and you can try to find pork shoulder that long but I’m not making very much so I just get a shorter piece of pork shoulder roast and then I cut it with the grain into thin strips like this and you get shorter strips but that’s okay it’s more manageable, pork shoulder is a flavorful fatty cut if you want something leaner you can go with tenderloin or pork loin but it’s also gonna be less flavorful and drier so the choice is yours.

And if you end up with like little end pieces that are not nice pieces like you’re cooking it at home don’t worry about it right and this needs one whole day like this needs 24 hours, this is not something you want to rush, trust me I have rushed it, it is not worth it.

make sure everybody is nice and coated and that’s it you come back to it and we roast it and it’s done! So we’ve been standing here for 24 hours patiently waiting for our pork to finish marinating, didn’t even shower or change and here we are the pork is ready to go so you want to put it on a roasting rack line the bottom with foil please or you’re gonna have a heck of a time cleaning it, and on a rack so the whole piece gets nicely roasted, now before I put it in the oven I’m going to make a glaze so I just got here some honey, to the honey I’m gonna add just a little bit of that red juice from the red bean curd just so I can get a little extra color on it as I glaze it over the pork.

Some people like to use the leftover marinade from the pork as part of the glaze which you can do but if you’re gonna do that just heat the leftover marinate in the microwave until it’s boiling to cook off the raw pork juices in there before you use it as the glaze, alright? Okay so the oven is heated now at 400 degrees because Adam doesn’t have convection oven but if you have a convection oven you can do it at 375 degrees and it’s first gonna go in for 15 minutes.

So it’s been in the oven for about 15 minutes and it’s not done yet but we’re gonna put the glaze on so that it would be shiny and beautiful and well caramelized because honey will caramelize a lot better than no honey on the pork so just ooh a nice glaze on top don’t worry about the bottom side so I’m gonna put this back in and I’m gonna bring it out now every five to seven minutes to reglaze.

I’m gonna let this glaze dry and then come back and glaze it again hopefully we’ll get to 3 layers of glaze on basically until the pork is done to prevent the smoke alarm from going off I’m going to put a little bit of water underneath so that the drippage does not burn and smoke you can do this from the very beginning as well I just forgot look how glorious these pieces of pork look so these have had three glazes and they have rested and you definitely want to rest it at least 10 minutes I would even do 15 before you slice into it the bigger the piece of meat the longer it needs to rest before you slice it okay so now the reveal moment of truth right here on the end piece is the best ah and look how juicy it still is oh yes and thinner pieces than what I just did would be more traditional can’t wait mmm the smell of that five-spice that is so iconic of chess you and I just love seeing how juicy this is because a lot of times when you buy Shasu it’s very dry like that’s like the biggest thing that happens a lot juicy flavorful sweet and salty just exactly what you would want in is chaste you and if you have like a barbecue grill get some nice smoky like real smoky char on it it’ll be even more authentic I’m just doing a home indoor oven version of it so as you can see it is so easy really straightforward so I really hope you give this a try the recipe as the waste will be on paiskitchen.

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