Home Southern Recipes Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits – Miss Sheila’s Classic Southern Recipe

Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits – Miss Sheila’s Classic Southern Recipe

Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits – Miss Sheila’s Classic Southern Recipe

Hey everyone welcome back to cooking with shotgun red, I’m Jennifer and since we’re still doing our stay at home and social distancing we thought it would be really neat to re-release the very first video that Steve and Sheila put together for this Cooking Channel, It’s great for the kids from one to ninety-two.

We do have some new shows coming but we thought this would be a neat little treat for all of you stay at home want something sweet to eat so check it out Hi friends hunter Fisher trapper trader guide scout and interpreter and just a country cook Steve Hall back aboard the beautiful miss Sheila houseboat where we’re cruising and cooking again today with the beautiful miss Sheila and welcome aboard! Thanks! She’s my first mate of course and today we’re gonna make biscuits and chocolate gravy no way can you believe that chocolate gravy! I had never even heard of chocolate gravy and biscuits til I came down south you know was always sausage gravy and biscuits we’re gonna make chocolate gravy and biscuits today and I’ll tell you it is absolutely delicious now what do we put in first first we need to mix our dry ingredients right okay what do we start with we’ll take the flour okay how much flour do we got here now cup one cup of flour and then sugar and then sugar how much sugar?.

.. well we had an argument about this one time, well you said two cups and I said I like a little more in it when you made it for me so about two and a quarter cups of sugar there you go then you stir that up good okay you don’t want it clumping up on you now do you use self-rising flour regular flour surprising any particular brand I just wanted to get her to say that I was always I’ve always been raised on White Lily Flour.

She tells me every time they go to the store White Lily that’s why I was asking. How much cocoa we got here now? About two good tablespoons but about two rounded tablespoons now this is cocoa that you cook with like you’re cooking the unsweetened cocoa because we’re gonna put a lot of sugar in here it’s already in there so you don’t you use your ear unsweet regular cookies ready for that okay we got that in here even when I was a little kid I was raised on this and my Dad used to make this all the time.

Then mother who was always in the kitchen had to have chocolate gravy and biscuits. If you’ve ever talked to anybody in the south at all and you ask them if they’ve ever had chocolate gravy you would think they’re your lost relative because they they know what you’re talking about panic appeared well you had it to one of those fat kids already got something coming this is looking good she’s got that next up we got our flour and our sugar and our cocoa mix in there got it pretty good whipped up our dry ingredients okay when do you put in the milk in the water put in the milk okay one cup of milk we’re gonna use here stir that in first to get real creamy now about what time you put this on the stove at this point here when you start pouring the water have to get the water after you get the water in you then you move it to the stove so all your dry ingredients you mix off the stove without the burner on right well not the burner then put in the milk then put in the water now we got four cups of water here we’ve had some debate about this water issue about whether you cook four cups longer or three cups for the shorter period time because I want it to get done quicker so I say why do you cook cooking so long did you like it so well I like it so well and you ready for the water yeah okay we have four cups of water here just put that in there real gentle why she’s stirring it now that should be cleaning okay I know okay you can mix this all while you’re on the stove but turn it on after you get it all oh yeah yeah don’t turn the burner on you can set it on the stove and mix it up just don’t turn the burner on until it’s ready to lock and load there okay any more water yeah a little bit more okay okay now that’s about three cups that leaves a cup in the beaker here you think three cups two not four but yeah ban that okay so about three and a half cups of water that makes us both happy cuz you can’t wait to this now here’s a magic thing that happens you’ll stir this on the stove you got to constantly stir it under medium-high heat and one minute it’s kind of watery like this you’ll think it’s never gonna thicken then all of a sudden it just starts getting thick and when it first starts getting thick that’s when you take it off the stove right it’s not you don’t need it clear to pudding consistency right no it’ll get thick enough as it cools off okay so it gets thicker as it cools so when it first starts to get nice and creamy I think you said creamy thick turn your burner off now that’s our demonstration we’ve got some done over here let’s replace what we’re stirring here with the real deal tada chocolate gravy for your biscuits now I’m gonna need a plate you’re gonna need a plate we got some biscuits here no these ain’t those big old cat head biscuits like they whip up and down out these are them Walton time you know that’s what my dad used to make us kadia biscuits oh man big old cat heads used to make a whole bunch of them for the church what you want to do is peel these biscuits open I’ll give you a couple of biscuits to work out over there put some butter on these all this Bob Collins chocolate gravy Bob Collins chocolate gravy we can certainly call it that because that recipe is handed down to little miss Sheila but the way the kids do it and if you’re really hungry if you’re really serious then you just do this right here like a kid you tear it up and that’s how we did what was a kid we just toured all the pieces how do you want butter on your little teeny teeny teeny weeny chunks or do you want just gravy okay listen butter in there get that mixed in happening with some of those chocolate butter there you go now ready I’ll let you have the honors okay first me first supposed to be ladies first but I’m sorry me first when it comes to chocolate sorry Carrie it’s big kids first here two more little scoops please thank you very much I’m trying you got you gotta try this recipe I’m telling you it’s absolutely fantastic thank you and then the kids we do it like this okay that works out really good yeah all right big kid and big give this a try then you just stir that like this I made it you do that hold me okay oh man he says I swallow there’s one other thing that Bob Holland her father used to do is he would put a big dollop when it got warm and creamy in the pant he put a big dollop of peanut butter in there to change that and the kids would really flip out it was like having a Reese’s peanut butter cups on biscuits so it just gets better and better try this in your next hunting camp biscuits and chocolate gravy it’s a southern treat again people in the north haven’t really heard of this a lot I brag on the people in the north to make pickled fish the people of South haven’t heard of it so I got to brag on the people in the South that make their chocolate gravy and biscuits and it’s absolutely fantastic miss Sheila thank you very much you can you welcome and try this at your next hunting camp it’s going to be a big hit whip up some of them whompin type biscuits and some of that homemade chocolate gravy and is it the best chocolate gravy you ever ate in your life yes it is I’m sorry if it ain’t and it ought to be we’ll see you next time bye-bye hey everybody thanks for watching cooking with shotgun red if you enjoy our recipes become a subscriber to our Cooking Channel and you’ll be the first to know when a new recipe is posted we’ll see you next time and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below this is shotgun red saying thanks a lot


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