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Chopping Board for Kitchen Dishwasher Safe & BPA FREE, Plastic Cutting Board Set with Handle Stand, Reversible Board with Juice Groove Draining Rack Non Slip, Kitchen Board with Food Icons


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(as of Sep 29,2020 15:13:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description

cutting board for kitchen dishwasher safecutting board for kitchen dishwasher safe

Hodekt has always focused on creating the most suitable cutting boards for kitchens. We interviewed many professional chefs to obtain and analyze their opinions. After selecting many production materials and analyzing people’s expectations of cutting boards, we spent half a year designing a professional kitchen cutting board set.

The cutting board set is made of high-grade and safe food-grade PP material, and the easy-to-use handle is marked with a classification pattern, which allows you to classify when cutting food. The juice groove can catch food juice that tries to spill from the cutting board. The bonus storage rack allows your cutting board to be stored neatly in the kitchen.

chopping board BPA FREEchopping board BPA FREE

Super Usability

Our cutting board is made of premium, food-grade PP material, is BPA FREE and has excellent practicability. While ensuring the cutting board is strong and durable, we have added more functions: cutting board rack, board handle, hook hole, juice trough and food sorting. Contains all the features of cutting boards in the market!

plastic cutting board

plastic cutting board

Plastic cutting board set

Plastic cutting board set

Chopping board set

Chopping board set

Food Classification Code Design

The clear food classification code design will make it easier for you to classify and cut food, avoid crossover between raw and cooked food and give you a healthier and better kitchen life.

Dishwasher Safe

Unlike other cutting boards, our cutting board set can withstand high temperatures above 130 ℃ and will not be deformed or cracked when you clean it.

Practical Juice Groove Design

The juice groove design will save you from worrying about dirtying your kitchen. When you cut food, the juice trough helps you catch the juice that tries to spill over the cutting board. Thus, the trough will be a perfect “moat”!

Cutting board set for kitchen dish washer safe bpa free chopping board for meat with stand handleCutting board set for kitchen dish washer safe bpa free chopping board for meat with stand handle

🥑【Premium Food Grade Materials】: Our cutting boards are made of high-quality PP materials and are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. PP materials are tasteless, white, high-crystalline polymer, with a density of 0.9-0.91g/rm. The structure of each board is regular, non-porous, durable and high temperature resistant. During the plasticizing process, the edge of the cutting board is made smooth. Each board’s surface has strong impact resistance, making it knife-friendly.
🍞【A Healthier Way of Classification and Use】: Professional chefs usually classify and cut different foods. This is the best way to ensure that the taste of food doesn’t cross and prevent the breeding of harmful substances. Classification use will bring health protection to you and your family, with gradual colors. The design will make your kitchen look more beautiful and the color-coding will allow you to sort food easily. This will definitely be the best cutting board you have ever used!
🥩【Larger Size with Excellent Juice Groove Design】: Our cutting board size will fit everyone’s kitchen and can cut more food at the same time (11.8”x 8.6″). The juice groove design can always keep your counter clean, catch the food juice and never stain your kitchen! The characteristics of the PP material make the cutting board easy to clean. Food residues and juices cannot adhere to the surface of the cutting board, making the cleaning process easier.
🐟【Additional Cutting Board Rack and Portable Design】: The space-saving cutting board rack is convenient for you to pick up and place the board. After cleaning, you can place the board on the rack to drain and ensure air circulation. The rack separates the cutting boards rather than squeezes them together. The excellent handle design allows you to lift or put down the board more easily.
🎁【Multi-functional Use and Suitable As a Gift】: The exquisite design allows the cutting board to be used as a plate for food. The cutting board is packaged in an exquisite gift box, which is suitable as a gift for special objects and occasions such as festivals, housewarming, friends, etc. Anyone will be happy with such a beautiful and practical cutting board! If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us via Amazon. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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