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Condensed Milk Chocolate Truffles Easy Recipe [2 Ingredients]

Condensed Milk Chocolate Truffles Easy Recipe [2 Ingredients]

Valentine’s coming. Let’s make some chocolate and get a date :)) This 2-ingredient recipe is super easy and delicious! Say “hello” to catto :333 :)) Stop staring at my Pikachu :)), he’s so cute y’all gonna die :v This is the face when your crush walks by :))) with no shame Our first ingredient is 240g of condensed milk, any brand is fine! Pour it into a pot and start cooking! It boils really fast, so when it starts bubbling lightly with foams, you should take it off the gas so it doesn’t burn Tbh you can leave the milk in the pot, but I’m a fancy person so I’ll pour it into the bowl for visuals :)) Pour in 100g of pure cocoa powder (no sugar) into the milk while it’s still hot (you can get cocoa powder in any super market or baking store) Sift in the cocoa powder 3 times for me please :3 Sifting is important cause cocoa powder gets lumpy easily Sift and mix it well into the hot condensed milk Sift the second time after the cocoa is almost well-mixed Keep stirring.

You see dat cute cat :)) A friend gave it to me a while ago, she doesn’t know I am a youtuber though. she’s just a friend online :)) Those who know my face don’t know about my Youtube and vice versa :)) (except for some close ones who found out accidentally) Sift the rest of the cocoa powder in.

the mixture should be pretty THICC by now :>>> Almost forgot, last week I did some online shopping. The shipper, omg, he constantly sneezed and coughed in front of my face without wearing a mask I actually got scared cause you know, Corona.

So the shipper explained he had sinusitis, complaining that his clients were all freaked out :)) (including me) After the mixing all the cocoa, the mixture should harden a bit, but still be kinda soft (like me :>>>>) Put it in a plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge for 2-3 hours before continuing Back to the shipper dude.

After he explained that he has sinusitis and not Corona, I started coughing nonstop :))) (I had a sore throat). My god :))) the look on his face It changed 100%. From laughing to straight up stress :))) Both of us knew it wasn’t Corona but the fear was real :)) I gotta get my stuff quickly, this world is too scary now :)) Oh this is a set of cat bowls I got before fat catto was here :)) I’m just doing a fake unbox to flex on it :)) It’s so so cute It was so cute I almost got another set for myself :)) one for catto and one for me :)) I present you how to SUMMON A HUNGRY DEMON :)) Pour food into the bowl, start chanting FAT CAT FAT CAT and shake :))) Shake dat as if you’re in a bar :))) See? :)) This little demon is faster than a horse :))))) I shot this a while ago, 3-4 weeks when he first came.

Now he’s all sick and not eating well. After putting the chocolate in the fridge, it will harden and should be easier to cut and shape Remember to spread some cocoa powder underneath. Cut into even pieces, I cut about 15g per piece.

Size is a preference thing Sift some cocoa on top to prevent sticking while shaping Normally truffles are shaped as circles cause it’s quick and easy, but shape it as you want :33 After shaping, wrap them up nicely and throw in your crush’s face.

If the cocoa falls off you can sift it on again Or arrange it in a box like me and sift cocoa on. Guaranteed visuals This kind of truffle won’t melt, it’s just soft, so it’s perfect for gifts. I still prefer those made from chocolate cause of the fat, and these ones are a little sticky.

But these are still super delicious. Don’t believe me? Try it :)) Look at my 3 freaking adorable bearsssss, god send help ASMR in 3… 2… 1 This choco is flavorful, sweet, just soft enough without melting.

The ingredients are cheap and easy to handle too! I took catto to the vet just now, he’s been vomiting 4-5 times since morning. The vet gave him 3 shots, saying any more vomiting means catto will be exhausted to death.

He hasn’t recovered from blood parasite, now this He ate a bit for breakfast and vomited all out again. The vet said it was dangerous. I’m scared he might end up like my doggo, I’m so useless. I didn’t want to post videos, but I made a promise, and I rarely do so.

I usually act then tell. I hope catto will be fine and everything will be ok Thanks for watching. I hope you’re all well and take care of yourselves during this time of disease


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