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Danish Dough Whisk Bread Mixer – Hook Dutch Pizza Dough Making Bread Mixer Whisk Hooks Accessories Wisks – Great As A Gift


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Product Description

Bread Bosses is a bread-making society where Bakers from all over the world of any experience can join together, share recipes, and make the best bread!


Forget wooden spoons that don’t agitate well and flimsy balloon whisks that get gummed up. The Bread Bosses Dough Whisk handles the toughest of doughs, mixing 3 times faster than traditional plastic spatulas or wooden spoons. That means stress-free food preparation and faster baking so you can enjoy delicious artisan recipes that have been handed down for generations.


The Bread Bosses Dough Whisk takes on your dough mixing needs with ease. Whether the dough is stiff, heavy or delicate, our Danish-style whisk whips up your favorite breads, pasta, pastries and more. It even tackles mixes for cakes, cookies, crêpes, grits, muffins, oatmeal pancakes and polenta, efficiently eliminating lumps for the best-tasting, evenly-baking tasty treats.


Stainless steel is the only way to go, which is why we used it to forge our whisk mixing heads. It’s durable, reliable, and makes quick work of even the most stubborn doughs. Quickly combine wet and dry ingredients thoroughly so that the flavors remain balanced and cooking remains even throughout cooking time.

wooden dough scraper

wooden dough scraper

wooden dough whisk

wooden dough whisk


Since you’re in control of your dough, we’ve fashioned the wooden handle on your Bread Bosses Dough Whisk to comfortably fit in either hand. The professional style grip tapers to allow for optimum handling during any and every mix. Create homemade rye, sourdough, and gluten-free breads with old world touch in your own kitchen, as well as fresh pasta and the flakiest crusts you can imagine.


As a bonus, we’ve included a dough scraper so you can quickly gather and cut your dough into even portions. Get every last bit of dough off of your board – even the stickiest of doughs – and divide it up for small or large loaves. Mix, cut, bake, enjoy!


This bundle will make help you bake 3 times more than you do now — leaving you with more time to spend with your family, enjoying your treats, or bake more thanks to the whisk of this lovely quality. Do not be the last baker to be using it because many wished they tried it sooner! You’ll want to buy another one as a great gift for each family member and friend.

Baker Tool Set Includes:

Danish Dough Whisk (to mix your dough faster) Dough scraper (to easily remove dough) Bread Recipes (sent via E-Mail) Instructions (to get you ahead)

What are you waiting for? Breads don’t mix themselves!

GIFTS FOR BAKERS: BAKERS LOVE THIS HAND DOUGH MIXER – So much that they purchase another baking whisk for friends who want to start baking breads like they do. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get it earlier, even if it’s your first time ever using this dutch dough whisk. You’ll use dutch dough wisk everyday and make more bread now that you have the right bread kneading tool
GIFT IDEAS FOR BAKERS: VERY STURDY AND WELL MADE – The pastry whisk is well made and the wooden handle has a beautiful smooth finish and just the right size. Don’t expect the dough whisk stainless steel to break anytime soon, dutch wisk bread hook will last a long time with your bread making utensils
GREAT BREAD MIXING TOOL – Use bread wisk as bread spoon for mixing bread dough, cookie dough, sourdough bread, quick breads, ciabatta breads, cornbread, pancakes, french bread, biscuits, starters, or as einkorn kneading tool and more
EASY TO CLEAN – So much easier to clean than a traditional whisk, regular wooden spoon, and more. The dough doesn’t just clump up around the bread dough whisk because open dutch dough hook design makes it easy to clean. Compared to other dough wisks the batter doesn’t clog up and it is very easy to clean, just rinse it under hot water immediately after using, and nothing ever gets stuck
EASY TO USE – Good grip and easy to use for baking — makes folding and mixing all ingredients much easier. Even easier to clean by just rinsing the danish dough whisks metal part with cold water. No need to use the dough mixer with these


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