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Doormoon Oven Mitts,Silicone Oven Gloves Pinch Heat-Resistant and Non-Slip Potholders for Kitchen BBQ,Grilling,Baking


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(as of Oct 24,2020 10:11:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description


oven mittsoven mitts



Heat-resistant materials

Heat-resistant materials




Making easily lift a dish out of the oven and carry it to the table.

Heat Resistant to 370 Degree

At 370 degrees F,waiting 5 minutes,would not feel any heat from them and it would not feel like it would be going to slip.

Handing loop for storage

Each oven mitt features a cotton loop inside so they can be hung in a cabinet, near the grill or in a pantry.


Extra nonslip

The unique beautiful silicone pattern design on the hot mitts is actually a non-skid part,keeping a firm grip on things,silicone grip makes for safe handling of hot pans,hot dishes,cookie tray,cake pans,hot items from oven or pulls things-especially glassware out from the oven.

Insulation woolInsulation wool

Super soft lining

Oven Mitts inner is made of heat resistant cotton terry. Adds extra protection. Comfortable to wear and gentle skin.


【New Upgrade Design】- This new type of silicone mitts is different from traditional bulky oven mitts . Insulation Cloth Silicone Grip are very exquisite and compact. It uses high heat-resistant silicone material to protect your hands from burns and high temperature items.
【Heat Resistance】-The hot pads oven mitts design with high heat resistant up to 370°C due to its thick pure cotton lining silicone. This will can be better protect your hands&arms from burns.(It will feel some heat when hold a 370° baking sheets for up to 10 seconds)
【Easy to Use】-Each glove is suitable for left and right hands, and you can easily put it on. Soft silicone material makes you feel comfortable. With a non-slip design, smooth objects can be securely handled.
【Hand & Wrist Protection】This unique accessory set comes with two insulated silicone oven mitts. You can worry a bit less by working over ovens, stoves or grills.
【Simple & Fast】-These small mitts are very handy to use and can be easily hung on your oven door handle or from a hook; their red color makes them easy to locate for quick access; Looks can be deceiving as the pinch mitts will fit both large or small hands.


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