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Dough-Joe Pizza Steel Baking Sheet The Samurai–15″ x 15″ x 1/4


Price: $75.87
(as of Oct 31,2020 11:05:51 UTC – Details)

Excellent Oven Spring
The faster your pizza can cook, and deliver a crunchy crust outside while still being chewy inside, the better. Our steel is perfect for this, especially for New York Style (use All Trumps flour).
Extremely Fast Cooks

Steel transfers heat around 20 times faster than ceramic stones. At 500-550 degrees F, therefore, you’ll get results in your home oven close to those in a Wood Fired Oven (905 degrees F). NOTE: In spite of what some might say, NOTHING matches a Wood Fired Oven for Neapolitan Pizza (Use Caputo 00 flour), but with steel, you can get very close.

MADE IN USA–15″ x 15″ x 1/4″–made of carbon steel–pre-seasoned–IMPORTANT you need an average of 1.5″ on all sides of your oven. Without enough clearance, your steel will get very hot while your air space above will not be hot enough to adequately cook the ingredients, resulting in badly burned crust.
15 inches square gives you larger round pizzas (15″) than the traditional 14 x 16, which can only hold a 14-inch round pizza, and has a nearly equal overall space (225 square inches) than the 14 x 16 (224 square inches). Fits perfectly on the Weber 22.5″ grill. Pre-seasoned, which is why the dark color. Re-season only as needed. Steel WILL NEVER BREAK, and will last for a lifetime.
EXTREMELY HEAVY–Actual Weight of the Samurai
Steel pizza stones deliver a huge amount of heat very quickly to your pizza or bread.
Matte finish surface allows steam to channel away quickly and keeps a nice appearance.


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