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Episode #28: Novice programming, Paleo Diet, BMI, and More!


Part 1:

0:25 How should I go about programming for general strength and conditioning?
07:50 I never did a SSLP, should I do it now?
11:49 What is the purpose of ice baths or using other methods to “reduce inflammation” for training?
15:07 Does being in a calorie deficit change a person’s training sensitivity?
16:36 When should I change my programming if I’m on LP right now?
21:00 What is your opinion on the Paleo Diet’s efficacy for medical conditions?
25:00 Are knee sleeves placebo?
27:12 Should one change the rep range for women?
29:20 What is your take on the current BMI recommendations?
32:40 Why are training programs usually broken up into 12 week blocks?
34:45 How often do you have to change exercise variations?
35:45 Do you think RPE is useful for Novices? Would you change LP?
40:00 How do you test different programming variables on yourself?
41:45 Will you do a certification for coaches?
42:00 What should you do for tendinitis in the elbow on the squat?

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