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Fail-Safe Roast Turkey | Jamie Oliver

Fail-Safe Roast Turkey | Jamie Oliver

Guys, we’re going to cook turkey! Whoo! This is one of the biggest meals of the year guys, whether it’s thanksgiving or christmas time. You need a fail safe recipe that guarantees perfect results and tastes every single time.

Really good honest gorgeousness. So one of the first things you need to do to guarantee the most amazing succulent roasted turkey is actually get the turkey out of the fridge at least 2 / 2 and a half hours before you want to cook it.

I always recommend buying a high well fair free range turkey, which is the one I’m using here. It’s not just more ethical, the flavour is incredible. Before we start prepping the bird for roasting we got to think ahead a little bit and we want a trivet that’s going to make the best gravy ever.

We’ve got 3 or 4 little medium sized onions. These are going to roast under the bird, go gorgeously sweet. Some celery, some carrots. You want them quite crude and quite big, put a little rosemary in there.

Put a few bay leafs in there. And also this is the opportunity to put in your giblets. Turkey neck is like ox tale, the depth of flavour and the collagen and the gorgeousness. It’s unbelievable right.

So we’re just going to shake that in, that’s our trivet done. If you want to know how to make the most amazing gravy click the link. I’m going to give you the recipe for basic preparation of a gorgeous bird, okay? You want about half a pack of butter, most of this will drain off along with the actual natural turkey fat.

So just rub it on, there’s no sort of polite way to prepare your turkey. So let me just wash my hands. Then we’re going to season generously with lovely sea salt. Some nicely ground black pepper, we got some nutmeg, it just feels like that little edge of christmas.

Half a nutmeg is all you need. Okay so now let’s talk about stuffing. A lot of people ram a load of stuffing in this cavity here. And what that does, it’s not a pretty sight I admit, but what it does is it stops the natural air flow going into the bird and it kind of messes with your cooking time.

We want to stuff it from the neck actually, with about 600 grams to a kilo. Depending on the size of your turkey. And then just tuck the skin back under like that and look, you would never have known I been there okay.

If you want to see how to make the stuffing for this click the link. Place your turkey on the trivet, I did say you don’t want to fill it up but just a little clementine, just a little christmas clementine.

Put 1 or 2 up there, and of course you can grab some rosemary or thyme and get that up there as well. Just give it a little rub, get a little bit of butter on there. Shove it in there. It hasn’t stopped the air going in, but it will create the opportunity for fragrance and potential and gorgeousness.

A thing that I would recommend is a thermometer, now we’re going to push this thermometer into the fattest part of the turkey and just leave it there. It will give you an honest reading about what’s happening on the inside of the bird, we want you to be on top of that.

Get a little foil, this is gonna real help contain juiciness and also protect the skin. And I just expose the thermometer like this. Super super helpful. My medium sized turkey here is 7 kilos on the head.

Calculating the cooking times at 35 minutes per kilo. You work out your times guys and get that bird in the oven at 180 degrees celsius which is 350 fahrenheit. Find out more in the description box below.

Don’t be afraid to go in halfway through the cooking, remove the foil and get a little spoon of fat and just base the turkey with all those gorgeous cooking juices. Pop the foil back on and about half an hour before the end of its cooking time, remove the foil for the skin to crispen up.

So here you go guys, a beautiful beautiful turkey. This bird has been out for about half an hour. It’s cool enough to pick up right. We’re gonna just pour any juices out, put it onto a warm platter and you can just put a bit of tin foil over this.

And a tea towel. 2 hours resting it’s going to be gorgeous. It’s not optional it’s not a luxury. It’s essential. So there you go guys, that is my perfect roast turkey. No tears guys, let’s get this right.

And of course keep your comments coming in, we love to hear what you think and give us a like if this video was helpful for you. Good luck, take care and whatever you’re cooking, wherever you’re cooking it, have a brilliant brilliant time.



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