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Friedr. Dick 1905 Exclusive Series 8-Inch Chef’s Knife


Price: $94.49
(as of Nov 01,2020 15:19:40 UTC – Details)

Harkening back to the unique design that the Friedr. Dick company debuted in 1905, this distinctively styled 8-inch chef’s knife from the Friedr. Dick 1905 Exclusive Series replaces the common rivets that mount the handle to the steel of the knife with a trio of metal rings. The symmetrical steel rings are inseparably connected to the molded plastic handle, using unique modern manufacturing processes, and it also complies with current high hygiene standards. Made from high-quality German XCrMoVMn stainless steel–preferred by professional chefs–the blade is well sharpened and the knife enjoys perfect equilibrium, tapering at the tip. A finely dispersed martensitic structure is produced (starting with a hardness of over 60 HRc) thanks to a high-tech tempering process at temperatures of approximately 1950 degrees F and cryogenic treatment at temperatures as low as -310 degrees F. Targeted tempering in several stages at approx 392 degrees F carefully reduces hardness to 55HRc, which guarantees sharpness and retention of edge. Manufactured in Germany, every Friedr. Dick finished knife is sharpened and honed by hand–just as it’s been done since the company’s founding in 1778 by Johann Friedrich Dick–and each knife is given the unmistakable Friedr. Dick etching. While this Friedr. Dick knife is dishwasher safe, it’s recommended that you hand wash it using a mild dishwashing soap; rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

8-inch chef’s knife with uniquely styled handle–replacing rivets with trio of metal rings
Made of XCrMoVMn stainless steel with high chrome content–preferred by professional chefs
Half-bolster allows complete utilisation of the cutting edge and complete resharpening
Molded plastic handle with symmetrical steel rings complies with current high hygiene standards
Hand washing recommended; made in Germany; lifetime warranty


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