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Healthy Cooking on a Budget: Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Healthy Cooking on a Budget: Caribbean Jerk Chicken

so today and how they contain a budget I invited executive chef of BU Walter dumpy here to give us the chef’s expertise on how to put together some really simple dishes that have a lot of flavor healthy cooking on a budget is a PDP class that we teach over the fabric and I really started teaching the class because you know we talk a lot about nutrition we offer nutrition counseling but it’s really that next step like all right I can tell you what to buy the grocery store but like what are you gonna do with those healthy premium we’re gonna start with two basic common denominators we’re going to work with chicken and brown rice I’m going to show you some different flavor combinations that was going to give you like really powerful ethnic flavors we’re going to do some Indian we’re going to do some Thai and we’re going to do some Jamaican simply by adding some extra ingredients be able to produce these things right now i’m going to make caribbean jerk chicken served over brown rice and I’ve got a tropical fruit salsa going with that first things first we’re going to make a marinade he’s taking off the ends then I’m going to rough chop with that I have some jalapeno pepper and we’re going to take garlic a little bit of light brown sugar low sodium soy sauce balsamic vinegar lime juice mounting a little bit of oil and then this is a combination of spices this jerk seasoning you can get it at almost all grocery stores I’ve got clean four ounce chicken breast we’re gonna add the marinade to it do you want to coat this well if not attractive issues you’ll notice but it’s just the way it is the flavor you want you do just about any kind of meat like this fish do it on the grill it’s gonna come out awesome my goal is for students to kind of get all these skills and then be able to take them on with them and we know you know like making your own food and cooking at home is such an important skill and the people that do it more often often you know can be better we have mango papaya pineapple in here and it’s gonna be nice and sweet and a little savory says caribbean jerk chicken optical fruit salsa brown rice so it’s healthy it’s super nutritious but a lot of flavor and didn’t really take that long to put together this is actually the first time I’ve ever had papaya and its really I love it I’m living in my own apartment next year I try to cook for myself as much as I can you know try to save some money try to eat healthy and this class has been great i mean i’ve already used a ton of the things I’ve learned in it I cook a lot more now than I used to be sure


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