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How To Make HOT DOG SPAGHETTI – Best Kids Lunch/Dinner Video Recipe – Inspire To Cook

How To Make HOT DOG SPAGHETTI – Best Kids Lunch/Dinner Video Recipe – Inspire To Cook

Inspire to cook – How to make Hot Dog Spaghetti – Best Kids Lunch Dinner Video Recipe Hey guys! Welcome to Inspire to Cook! Today I am going to show you how to cook the best kids recipe you’ve ever tried And it’s so easy, even and adult can do it You want to make sure you actually cook it with your kids It’s going to be so much fun, they are going to be very excited And when they see the results, you are going to be the coolest parent guaranteed So this hot dog spaghetti recipe calls just for two ingredients the hot dogs As well as the actual spaghetti I am using angel hair spaghetti You can use any straight and pretty thin spaghetti First thing you want to do is you want to put a pot of water on the cook top[ And let the water boil I am going to set it up to high to let it boil very quickly I am going to use 2 hot dogs and we are going to split each into 4 pieces In half and then in half again And same with the other one Then we are going to put the our hot dog pieces and put the spaghetti right through it So it’s in the middle of the hot dog We have the same length of spaghetti on this side and this side as well This is the part that you can delegate to your kids And you want to have about 10 spaghetti In there There is really no strict rules so you can put as much as you’d like to our hot dogs are ready And the water is already boiling so I am going to switch it up to medium And we are going to put these hot dog spaghetti right in the put You want to be gentle not to break them And be careful not to burn yourself you want to hold it at the very top After a few minutes I dropped those spaghetti in there when they soften up We are going to cook them for about 7-8 minutes Depending on your spaghetti it will actually give you the directions on the package how long you need to cook them And it’s time to take these out Umm 8 minutes passed and we are all done We take them out with those kitchen pliers and put them right on the plate And what a fun, cool project you’ve done with your kid kids are going to be so excited just by looking at that Would you look at that?! umm, beautiful This proportion makes just one portion, if you need more, just make a couple Let me tell you, this will wake up the inner kid inside of you! You can season them with salt or paper Or put a little bit of butter and mix them up But I like to eat them right away just the way they are look at that! umm And they are perfect bites, you don’t have to fight those spaghettis any more They are right on that sausage And you just take that bite with a sausage umm Umm Kids are going to love that And the big kids are going to love it even more! Hehehmm Look! I don’t have to worry about the spaghetti no more! There it is, even a kid can do it They are not stuck with the other spaghettis You just pick them up and eat them Perfect Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, go do it with your kids Or do it with the big kid inside of you And we’ll see you next time Speaks Russian: I am going to eat so much now!! Speaks in Russian: Navy Spaghetti! Watch next by Inspire to cook: How to make hot dog pizza, how to cook avocado staffed with Bacon egg, Homemade marshamallow jello


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