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How to Make Pinwheel Sandwiches | Easy and Quick Breakfast Recipe | Party Ideas

How to Make Pinwheel Sandwiches | Easy and Quick Breakfast Recipe | Party Ideas

I’m Ashu and in today’s episode I’m making Pinwheel sandwiches, which are equally as fun in making as they are delicious you can make it for your kids, or serve it during parties kitty parties or tea time parties or pack for your kids so roll up your favourite filling with cheese and lets get started we will need: (ingredients in description box) (cream cheese spread, which is easily available in the market) (in case you dont find it, you can use hung curd or mayonnaise) (Ingredients in description box) (in case you dont have jalapeno slices you can use olives) firstly we’ll prepare the vegetable filling to spread on the bread for which i have taken cream cheese spread in a bowl add some salt some black pepper powder mix well make sure that the cream cheese you use is soft and at room temperature salt and pepper have mixed well now add in your veggies i tbsp of chopped onion now the colourful bell peppers: red yellow cream chop the jalapeno slices and add the chopped jalepenos in your cream cheese mix everything well our vegetable cream cheese topping is ready now take bread, and cut the edges like this.

You can use the bread corners to make bread crumbs churn them in a mixie and bake them or apply garlic butter on these and bake them you’ll get garlic breadsticks flatten out the bread with a rolling pin same way the rest of the breads now on this edge of the bread, apply a little water just a tad bit and stick the other bread on the edges and roll it out once again so the two breads stick together now apply butter now we’ll spread our cream cheese topping now we’ll spread carrot julienne like this now we’ll spread chopped lettuce hold it tightly and fold like so and that’s it, now cut them! we’ll take out some extra from the sides so we get that proper shape cut like so same way, cut the rest of the bread slices you can pack these in the tiffin for your kids send it as breakfast for kids, or serve it as a party snack I hope you enjoyed this recipe, hope you send me the photos when you make it on my social media by tagging me on facebook, instagram, and twitter if you enjoyed, do like this video, share it and subscribe to my channel! if you have subscribed but are not getting updates, click on this notification bell you’ll get a notification everytime i upload a new recipe!


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