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Hydrometer Triple Scale for Wine Mead & Beer Alcohol testing for Homebrewing Beer


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#1 Rated Hydromter for Home Brewers for Accuracy
Unlike other Hydrometers which require you to get the product down to 60 degrees for an accurate reading, this hydromoter requires the normalized 68 degrees room temperature. Every good homebrewer knows you can’t take an accurate reading unless it’s at 68 degrees!

Old hydrometers are calibrated to 60° F and newer ones are typically 68° F, like this one from Amber Bluffs Brewing! This is the Best Triple Scale Hydrometer for Home Brewing, Wine or Beer Making
– Designed specifically for beer, wine & mead
– Quickly measures the potential alcohol, specific gravity, and brix of your favorite homebrew
– Hydrometer is a 3-in-1 combo

This Triple Scale Hydrometer offers a convenient and easy way to measure your homebrewing batch for Alcohol

– The triple scale hydrometer is constructed of glass and will provide you accurate readings using specific gravity, potential alcohol or Brix scale. Choose one or all three at once, it’s that accurate. This hydrometer provides you the tools necessary to measure the density of your wort and ultimately the strength and alcohol % of your beer, wine or mead.
– Let’s face it: It’s made of glass and if you’ve been brewing long enough you know this product is fragile and breakable; most home brewers and wine makers have broken one or two so that’s why we’re including a protective case in the order. Order two and have a backup in case something goes wrong.

This Hydrometer is backed by a lifetime free replacement guarantee from Amber Bluffs Brewing if it is innaccurate! No Hassle, No Questions. Buy with confidence!!!
Bring the sample liquid of your brew to a comfortable room temperature of 68 degrees F. The reading of this hydrometer will be inaccurate if the test sample is not at exactly 68 degrees which most homebrewers prefer.#1 Rated Homebrew Hydrometer. A must have for your Home Brew equipment for ABV and Alcohol % Testing.
Color bands clearly show start and finish for beer, wine and mead (Dessert Wines, Table Wines, and Beer are all shown on this Hydrometer)
Triple Scale Hydrometer – Measures Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling and Potential Alcohol from 0%-20%
Clearly shows you how to calculate alcohol so you know when your batch is finished!
Old hydrometers are calibrated to 60° F and newer ones are typically 68° F, like this NEW one from Amber Bluffs Brewing! Get the best technology today!


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