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Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Rounds 8 Inch 200 Pcs, 5″6″7″9″10″12″ Parchment Paper Rounds Available, Uses for Cake Baking, Air Fryer Liners


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Product Description

katbite parchment paper roundskatbite parchment paper rounds

8 in parchment paper rounds for baking8 in parchment paper rounds for baking

parchment paperparchment paper

Say NO to Plastic Bags

Instead of low-cost plastic bags, it chooses the high-cost white cardboard to make a packaging box. Say “NO” to plastic bags, the world needs you to protect!

Katbite Heavy Duty Parchment Paper Rounds

Premium 8 Inches Parchment Paper for Baking

Katbite heavy duty parchment paper thick enough to extend the baking time! Parchment paper has been upgraded to 45GSM.. At least 12% thicker than general 35GSM to 40GSM parchment paper sheets.

45GSM thickness, thicker than general

100% pure wood pulp, food grade material

Two-side silicone coating, extra smooth surface & nonstick

Temperature resistant is from -68 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Multipurpose In Daily Life

separation frozen parchment paper

separation frozen parchment paper

cake parchment paper

cake parchment paper

round air fryer parchment 7 inch

round air fryer parchment 7 inch

Separation Frozen Patty

Round parchment paper perfect for separation meats, patties and sliced cheeses. Non-stick qualities keep foods from touching each other. Keeps your operation clean and sanitary.

Cake Parchment Paper

Precut parchment paper rounds are perfect choice for baking cakes. Non-stick baking parchment sheets. Two-side food grade silicone coating to prevent food from touching the baking pans directly and causing stains.

Air Fryer Liners

Most people associate 8 inch parchment paper circles only with baking cakes. These precut round parchment paper sheets are also great to be used for air fryer.

Leading Factory Manufacturing

precut round parchment paper 8inchprecut round parchment paper 8inch

parchment round 8 inparchment round 8 in

katbite parchemnt paperkatbite parchemnt paper





1 Pack/2 Pack










EXTRA STRONG – 200 count 8 inch round parchment paper made of extra thicker 45gsm paper vs commonly used 35gsm or 40gsm paper, it’s about 12% thicker than others’. We define it as heavy duty parchment paper rounds. Each measuring exactly 8 inches, which is ideal for round baking pans with a bottom size of 8 inch. Perfect for 8 in tortilla pressing, 8 inch cake baking etc.
HEALTHY & NON-TOXIC – katbite precut round parchment paper 8-inch, made from 100% natural wood pulp and totally fluorescent free. Food grade silicone oil coating makes your baking safe and non-toxic.
NON-STICK & EASY TO CLEAN – Do you love kitchen but hate cleaning up? Katbite 8” parchment paper rounds makes it possible and even works great! Ours are designed with two-side food grade silicone coating. Your cake will not stick to the parchment sheet. Finish baking, you can easily remove the paper and throw it away.
MULTI-PURPOSE – Do you think 8 inch parchment circles are only used for food baking? NO! Because Katbite 8 in parchment rounds temperature resistance is from -68 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can find it everywhere in kitchen whether in freezer, microwave or air fryer as long as you can think of it.
EXQUISITE PACKAGING – All 8” parchment cake rounds are packaged flat and unfolded in a beautiful box, with a tear, which can be easily opened. Whenever you need just take a piece and cover it. Convenient!


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