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Kitchen Gizmo 2 Sq. Yards Cheesecloth with Cooking Twine Set – Unbleached Cotton Fine Mesh Weave Cheesecloth; 220 ft, Non-toxic, Natural, Dye-free Cooking Twine


Price: $11.99
(as of Dec 08,2020 03:56:33 UTC – Details)

Kitchen Gizmo Cheesecloth and Cooking Twine Set- 2 Sq. Yards Unbleached Cotton Fine Mesh Weave Cheesecloth; Non-toxic, Natural, Dye-free Cooking Twine

“The perfect pair for your kitchen.”

Kitchen Gizmo uses only natural materials to make our products. Our Cotton Cheesecloth is a grade 50, lint-free, fine mesh weave. Our Cooking Twine is free from all dyes, chemicals, or unnatural materials.

Our Cheesecloth has a variety of uses:
Make your own dairy: cheese, homemade nut or soy milk, and Greek yogurt.
Strain soups, stews, and stocks for a smooth texture.
De-seed jellies and sieve jams.
Keep your spices and herbs in a cheesecloth bag for tea.
Flavor dishes with herbs wrapped in cloth, making them easy to remove.
Pro Tip: The non-abrasive and lint-free fabric of the cotton makes it perfect to clean and polish delicate surfaces such as glass and silver!

Use our cooking twine to:
Truss meat to retain shape while cooking.
Tie meat to retain moisture without drying the outside.
Use twine for fun and easy crafts and DIY projects!

We use only the purest of cotton to ensure the safest materials for your kitchen. Both the cheesecloth and cooking twine are made with 100% cotton, with absolutely NO synthetic materials added.

Washable, reusable, and Biodegradable — perfectly eco-friendly and economical.

WASHABLE + REUSABLE: Both the cheesecloth and twine string can be cleaned for future use in the kitchen, so you never feel like you’re wasting any product!
BIODEGRADEABLE: Kitchen Gizmo cares about the environment, and made sure to use materials that are completely biodegradable and safe for the earth.
ECONOMICAL: With 5 square yards of cheesecloth, and 220 inches of cooking twine, you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Factor in the fact that each material is reusable, our pack will be sure to last you a while.
ALL-NATURAL: We use only the purest of materials to make our cloth and twine. They are each made with 100% cotton and absolutely NO synthetic materials.
VARIOUS USES: Use our cloth and twine pair to add more dimension to your cooking, whether it’s making dairy, flavoring dishes, or keeping meat perfectly moist. The cotton cheesecloth is even great for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces!


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