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KOPALA Kitchen Knife Cleaver Full Handmade High Carbon Steel Chef Knife 3-layer with Leather Sheath Case


Price: $114.99
(as of Nov 10,2020 04:21:42 UTC – Details)

Our Brand – KOPALA:
We guarantee that every knife from KOPALA has a razor like sharpness. This may be the sharpest kitchen knife you’ve ever used.

Well made, Balanced & Sharp:
SANMAI construction – The kind of structure is often applied to Japanese samurai swords. Exclusive 5 angles of sharpening skills – Maintain the blade sharp for a long time. Special blade shape – Gives you extra cutting power

Great Veteran In The Kitchen:
It could be competent for all the jobs in the kitchen, no matter cutting through tough parts of the meat such as tendons, or slicing ,dicing the hard vegetables like carrots, potatoes, it will be pleasurable, precise, and effortless. You will realize how much effort and time you was putting into cutting, chopping, trimming, and slicing with your former knife.

1.Carrot Killer
2.Full Tang Construction
3.SAN MAI Steel
4.Chopping up Tough Tendons Like It Was Butter
5.Full Hand-made
6.Leather Case Include

Take Care of Your Knife, It will Last a Lifetime :
1.Must be keeping dry after use that will greatly extend the service life and resist rust.
2.Please don’t use the knife to chop bone, frozen food or open tins. (The last third of the blade can be used to cut fish bone)
3.Storing it with a thin coat of oil on the steel.(All kinds of oil is ok)
4.Shaping blade can effectively maintain the sharpness of the knife after 3-4 months use. Sharpen with a 1000/6000 grit wetstone is the best choice, and Youtube will teach you how to work.
5.Dishwasher is not safe!!!
6.Do not cut on a hard cutting board, such as granite, glass.

You Need to Know:
We keep the traces of hand forging,so it won’t be as smooth as the machine-cut knife surface, but it has a very cool look and very sharp!

[MATERIAL]: First you need to know this is a knife forged from high carbon steel and high manganese steel, SAN MAI construction. It is not made of stainless steel, so after each use, you need to clean it and keep it dry to resist rust. But high carbon steel has a better ability to maintain sharp edges than stainless steel. Reasonable maintenance after every use, it will last a lifetime.
[SAN MAI CONSTRUCTION KNIFE]: This is an ancient forging knife technique originating from Asia in the Middle Ages. The core of SAN MAI construction is harder high carbon steel, and the both sides are mild steel. Wear resistant effective cutting and strength on the blade is provided by high carbon steel, while the necessary toughness, so that the knife does not split during long use, is provided by high manganese steel.
[FULL MADE BY HAND]: This knife is full hand-forged from a piece of iron to a full-function knife, and keeping ancient forging ways and sharpening techniques. We are obsessed with the hope that this knife will bring you a perfect cutting experience with nearly a thousand years history. In today’s highly developed industry, it’s very difficult for people to buy full handmade knives in stores with such a high performance-price.
[SPECIAL SHARPING TECHNIQUE]: The sharping technique will directly affect the sharpness of the knife and the difficulty of maintenance after long use. We used five different angles to sharping from the back of the knife to the blade on the whetstone. Unlike the knives sharpen by machine, we pay a lot of time in sharping and get a perfect sharp blade.
[A THOUSAND YEARS OF HISTORY]: The kind of chef knife has a history of nearly a thousand years in Asia. It could capable of all the work in your kitchen, no matter slicing, dicing, or chopping. Trust me, the knife is not as bulky as it looks, the special shape of the blade not only looks cool, but also gives you a different cutting experience easier than before, it will shock you!


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