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LE TAUCI 4 Oz Ramekins, Dipping Sauces – Creme Brulee Dishes,Soufle/Pudding Cups, Set of 6, Oven Safe, Oyster White


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Our mission is to help people live wisely in a better and more convenient way. We passionately focused on the interaction of modern design, affordability, quality and attentive service.

We wish to bring our delightful ideas to every corner of the house, allowing our customers to create a home which is uniquely based on their preference and lifestyle.

The first step we are now taking is to light up people’s tabletop. Join us and inspire your passion for cooking and eating!

Doric Ramekin – Stackable To Occupy Less Space

Select your style and begin to piece together your dream kitchen!

The Doric Ramekin is inspired by ancient Greek Doric columns — beauty, harmony, and solemn. These small round baking dishes are surprisingly versatile and highly stackable. They are the fantastic addition to any kitchen in performing an elegant and exquisite way for serving agreeable portions to your guests. Great for desserts cups ranging from pies to soufflés; for serving nuts, dips, and small snacks; and even as a stand-in for a mini prep bowl or a salt cellar.

Mix and match your dinnerware. Set the charming mood for every meal.

Comfortable Color and shape help you wind down while you are eating.

Durable design for heating and easy cleaning by the dishwasher every day.


Bring Your Wish Into Reality!

Aching for Crème brulee? Wanting to have a joyous moment with family and friends? Why not bring it into reality by making your own try with Doric ramekins!

Start now by putting in ingredients into the right size of ramekins and end up with a palatable journey full of enjoyment and delicacy. Just one set of ramekins is enough to make a big difference! Make your own dishes according to your preference. No more hesitation from now on!


Explore Your Own Use With Creativity

Apart from traditional baking cups, what’s more you can create from ramekins?

White? True Blue or True Red? You are the one to decide your own spectrum of color in your kitchen. With combinations, you can make your dishes to more special ones!

If this is not your appetite, how about making your own mini succulent ramekin by transforming it into a faux succulent planter? Or DIY a gift full with candy, coffee bean or some else? Minimalism usually comes out with wider range of possibilities. Create in mind and decorate your life!








You are the motivation for our further upgradation

We focus on designs, trials and improvements.

As our company aims at delivering affordable and quality products to your hands, you are perceived as a respected and valuable customer.

A Certain Mid and High Fire – for more durable and earthy colors

Stable mid and high temperature make the glaze and clay denser, stronger and durable that you could use it safely in microwave or oven.

Be assured that stains will not be found spoiling your next dish after easy cleaning with the layer of smooth surface.

Here’s A Free Gift Idea… Just let them bake well every day!!!.

LE TAUCI provides you with a good mood from the very beginning. Share your experiences and happiness with your family and friends.

Our delicate package that comes with a recipe inside would make more fun! Send a ‘delicious’ greeting with such a gift!!!

Set of 2

Set of 2

Set of 4

Set of 4

Set of 4

36 OZ

6.1” D* 3.4”H

26 OZ

28 OZ

15 OZ

Microwave Safe

✔ (Except for spoons)

Oven Safe

✔ (Except for spoons)

Dishwasher Safe

What else?

Stainless Steel Spoons Included

【Agreeable Size Of Ramekins Offering Versatile Baking Experience】- Measured as 3.7 inch in diameter, 1.7 inch in height with 4 oz (filling it to the very top is 6 oz)in capacity, the Ramekins are of great proportion for crème brulee, ice cream, soufflé, dipping sauces, pudding and condiment cups as well as instant pot. They can surely provide you with the most enjoyable and wonderful experiences for your family and guests.
【User-friendly Designs】- Taking inspiration from ancient Greek Doric columns, Doric Ramekin is designed to be highly stackable. Simply pile them up in your cabinet and you will be able to manage your kitchen space wisely without any effort. The bottoms of ramekins are glazed in order to make cleaning much more easier.
【Develop Your Own Style And Creativity】- The variety of color choices allows you to choose your personal style. No matter what dishes you would like to serve, our ramekins are always ready to live up to your expectations by appearance. If you are tired of the traditional usage, make use of your creativity and combination of ideas to discover more about the possibilities of ramekins.
【RELIABLE CERAMIC QUALITY】The ceramic product is high-fired using natural clay, water and gas. It’s made to tolerate high temperatures up to 482°F. Fridge safe and microwave/oven safe. Compared to plastic or stainless steel one, ceramic is free of heavy metals and doesn’t absorb food odors or flavors.
【Pleasing Gift Set】The surprisingly versatile and stackable ramekin sets would be a great gift option for housewarmings, weddings, Christmas. With comfortable shape and colors, it is ideal to please your friends and family as a present.


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