MaPo Tofu & PuErh Tea | Tasting a Vegan Recipe of a Popular Chinese Dish

Don cooks up some Vegan Ma Po Tofu from Alex French Guy Cooking’s excellent new cookbook and pairs it with Fire Phoenix PuErh, a fermented tea from Yunnan in China.
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What did he think of the recipe? Watch as he rates Alex’s rendition of a Sichuan classic Tofu dish (also called Mapo doufu) and tastes it alongside a dark and delicious ripe pu erh tea.


★ Alex discovers proper tea:
★ Which Tea is Best for Breakfast:

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★A quick table of contents:
2:38 – Brief history of Ma Po Tofu, popular dish from Sichuan province in China (we are cooking the vegetarian / vegan version in this video)
4:29 – A little cooking demo of Alex’s vegan recipe by Don
5:21 – Tasting, tasting notes and lots of Sichuan peppercorns
9:09 – Rating the tofu vegan recipe on a score from 1 to 10
10:43 – Tea tasting of 2008 Fire Phoenix, fermented PuEhr tea from Bulang in Yunnan province in China

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