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Meat Red Kitchen Knife – 4” Steak and Vegetable Knife – Razor Sharp Pointed Tip, Serrated Edge – Color Coded Kitchen Tools by The Kosher Cook


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(as of Nov 01,2020 03:14:30 UTC – Details)

Keep your kitchen kosher while using the highest quality cookware with The Kosher Cook! Our color coded kitchen knives have ultra-sharp blades and comfortable handles to slice things quickly and effectively. The colors and labels on each knife let you know at a glance if it is meat, dairy or parve.Product Features Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
Rust Free
Does Not Require Tevilla (Certified by the Karlsburg Beis Din) Color Separated for Kosher Household:– Blue for Dairy (Milchik)
– Red for Meat (Fleishik)
– Green For Parve
– Also Available in Black and WhiteChoose Your Knife: 4.5” Serrated Blade With Curved Tip
4.5” Serrated Blade With Pointed Tip
4.5” Smooth Blade with Pointed Tip
4.5” Smooth Blade with Curved Tip
3” Paring Knife
8” Bread Knife
4.5” Schmear Knife
6” Smooth Blade with Pointed Tp
6” Serrated Blade with Pointed TipHigh Quality Deluxe KnifeMake your time in the kitchen a lot easier and stress-free by using our kitchen knives that are made to provide you with absolute quality. Our knives are constructed with high grade stainless steel blade that slice through the toughest fruits, vegetables and other foods with ease.Keeping It KosherThe Kosher Cook provides a wide array of tools to help separate milchig, fleishig and parev. Color coded utensils and tools along with labels and stickers allow you to see at a glance if the item is dairy, meat or pareve.Whether you are new to keeping kashrut or a seasoned veteran looking to make life easier, the Kosher Cook has the tools to keep the highest standards of kosher cooking.About The Kosher CookPart of the Ner Mitzvah family, The Kosher Cook is another way we to help you keep Jewish traditions and laws. Family-operated since the 1940’s, Ner Mitzvah is an expert maker of household products and the premier source for traditional and gift Judaica items.

TOP QUALITY KNIVES: Easily slice through your favorite meats, vegetables, and food items with utmost simplicity with our high quality peelers made to make your job in the kitchen a lot easier.
COLOR CODED KOSHER UTENSILS: Made to make life easier in the Jewish home, separate dairy, meat and parev products with ease color coded and labeled blue, red and green kitchen tools.
COMFORTABLE GRIP: Strong quality knives that are designed to fit comfortably in your hand with an easy grip to allow for easy and effortless slicing and cutting. They do not require tevillah.
A WONDERFUL GIFT: The perfect Judaica housewarming gift, wedding present, or for any Jewish friends or colleagues with a kosher kitchen.


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