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Mushroom Gravy ~ Dairy Free!

Mushroom Gravy ~ Dairy Free!

Today I’m making a really simple mushroom gravy my version is dairy free so you can use it in vegetarian and vegan recipes or even serve on meat its good on braised chicken or on Salisbury steak it’s also a good substitute for the canned cream of mushroom soup I’m gonna use this in my green bean casserole at Thanksgiving time but today I’m just gonna show you the gravy.

To make this mushroom gravy I have mushrooms I like to use brown mushrooms these are whole baby bella mushrooms or sometimes are called crimini mushrooms I think that they hold up better in the gravy, and I’m also gonna use some olive oil salt and pepper I have about a quarter cup of flour I went ahead and put in this mason jar so I can make my slurry up really quickly and easily and I have some dried thyme leaves I’m going to clean the mushrooms by brushing off the loose dirt with a clean dry wash cloth.

Once my mushrooms are all clean I’m just going to slice them into my cast iron Dutch oven you can use any kind of sauce pan. I’m slicing these mushrooms but you can also dice them depending on how small you want the pieces in your finished gravy.

I’m going to liberally salt the mushrooms and I’m going to toss them so the salt gets on all the mushrooms and let them stand for about five minutes to start to pull the moisture out at the mushrooms mushrooms a little sponges so if you try to fry them in butter or oil they’re gonna soak up all the oil stick to the pan.

by adding the salt they’re gonna pull the moisture out that creates sort of a barrier the mushrooms don’t absorb all of the oil and they can actually fry and brown after about 15 minutes you’ll see some moisture being drawn from the mushrooms and I’m gonna turn the heat on to medium-high I’m gonna push the mushrooms back just a little bit so I can pour a couple tablespoons of olive oil into the bottom of the pan once the oil starts to sizzle, turn the heat down to medium You want to cook the mushrooms stirring occasionally until they’re cooked through and soft the mushrooms have cooked down and they released some liquid and from here I’m just going to add my flour and water just added some water that mason jar and shook up the flour water slurry over low heat on a slowly add in the flour water slurry stirring constantly I’m going to add a little bit of water it’s a little bit too thick You want to simmer it very gently to reduce the gravy stirring constantly so it doesn’t stick The mushrooms give this gravy areally rich and savory flavor and they don’t need much but I do like to add a little bit of thyme and I’ll taste for seasoning and add additional salt pepper if needed Now your gravy is finished and ready to serve on mashed potatoes or chicken fried steak or anything you like leave some comments down below on how you would use this gravy I’d love to hear your ideas and thank you so much for watching 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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