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NEOVIVA Kids Apron and Child Oven Mitts Set for Pretend Kitchen, Floral Toddler Kitchen Linen Set for Girls, Floral Lollipop Red


Price: $19.99
(as of Dec 15,2020 00:34:06 UTC – Details)

About Me
NEOVIVA Floral Lollipop Red kitchen linen set includes 1 canvas apron for kid girls and 1 pair of oven mitts for children.
The durable and adorable kids kitchen apron is designed to let our darling feel like a princess when wearing it aue to its frilly hem finishing. Plus with the floral oven gloves, the little curious chef can act like a professional cook
More About Me
Kid Apron: 100% Cotton;
Kid Oven Mitts: 100% Cotton for Outer / 100% Polyester for Padding / 100% Cotton for Lining.
Kids Apron:
Chest Width: 7-1/2”
Waist Width: 17-5/8”
Hem Width: 22-3/8”
Body Length: 21-1/2”
Pocket: 5-1/2”x5-7/8”
Neck Strap: 16-1/2” Each
Waist Tie: 16-7/8” Each
Kids Oven Mitts:
4.5” Wide 9” Long

Package Contains
1x Child Apron with Pocket, 1x Small Oven Mitt Set

100% Cotton
KITCHEN LINENS SET FOR KIDS: NEOVIVA kitchen linens set for kid girls, include 1 child apron which is made of cotton canvas and 1 pair of oven mittens made of quilted cotton canvas. The floral kitchen apron for kids and floral oven mitts kitchen linen set is welcomed by children.
ADJUSTABLE FLORAL CHILD APRON FOR GIRLS: NEOVIVA kids apron, comes with 2 neck straps which are 16.5 inches long, plus with the 21.5 inches long waist ties, making this cute kitchen apron fit most toddlers and kids under 5.
ADORABLE KITCHEN APRON FOR KIDS WITH POCKET: NEOVIVA toddler apron, comes with a 5.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall oval pocket with decorative bow knot. The pocket is functional for kids to place the cooking utensils in the play kitchen or in the real kitchen helping mama prepare the cooking, baking or grilling.
HEAT RESISTANT OVEN MITTS FOR KIDS WITH LOOP: The matching floral oven mitten set is a bonus to this lovely kitchen linen set to let our darling act like the professional chef. A loop is attached to each oven glove for easy storage. Please test the heat resistance by adults before letting kids use them to hold too hot pans or pots.
KITCHEN LINENS WITH GIFT PACK: We pack the kitchen apron for kids with satin ribbon ties, which is a great gift idea for the curious chefs in Christmas and New Year, Birthday and Childrens Day.


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