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Olive’s Kitchen Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 2 – Reversible Extra Large & Medium – Deep Juice Grooves – Non-Slip Grips – Eco-Friendly – Harder than Wood -With Handle


Price: $31.99
(as of Oct 31,2020 19:11:34 UTC – Details)

ECO-FRIENDLY! If you’ve been looking for a cutting board that is good for the environment then look no further. These boards are eco-friendly and sustainably harvested. You can feel good about using these boards without fear of depleting natural resources for pandas habitat.

Because our product has a super comfortable ergonomic handle, you’ll be able to easily grab and maneuver in the kitchen. This is great because you can transfer your freshly chopped food with ease or carry your serving tray right to the table.

100% GUARANTEED! These bamboo cutting boards are low maintenance and easy to clean. They only need warm soapy water and immediate air dry for a quick clean up. A monthly application of cutting board oil will penetrate the wood and bamboo fibers to naturally resist retaining any liquids or moisture. This means that your boards will not warp, split or crack, 100% guaranteed!

TOP QUALITY! Impress your friends and family with our bamboo cutting boards natural elegance. You can leave these attractive yet functional boards on the counter as décor, allowing you to have quick access to an extremely versatile kitchen tool, from cutting, chopping, carving, to tableside wine and cheese presentations.

CRITICAL! Compared to other wooden cutting boards, our bamboo boards resist knife scarring on the surface, leaving no place for bacteria to grow, making them bacterial resistant. This means you’re keeping your family safe from food borne illness.

SAFE FOR THE FAMILY! Unlike other bamboo cutting boards which can have formaldehyde, pesticides, dyes, and solvents, our boards are made without any of these toxic chemicals. You can rest assured you and your family can enjoy these boards without concern of harmful toxins.

You risk absolutely nothing! As a small family-owned business, your satisfaction is our top priority, 100% guaranteed!

NO MESS, NO STRESS! Since our cutting boards feature deep juice grooves they will catch the juice from produce or meat. Which means with drip catcher there is no extra mess on the counter and you can even save the juice for the best gravy ever!
TRUSTED! The problem with other bamboo cutting boards is they are missing non-slip grips. Our boards solve that problem! Why? That’s because our product has FDA food safe silicone grips on all four corners, which means no more sliding cutting boards. Never lose control again while our cutting boards stay safely in place!
HEAVY DUTY! Are you looking for a large cutting board that will last forever? You’ve found it! Our thick cutting boards are commercial grade and durable enough for everyday use as a butcher block or serving platter. You’ll feel like a professional chef in the kitchen!
NO-NONSENSE! Do you hate having to frequently sharpen your dull knives? Our product solves that problem! Why? That’s because our boards are made from bamboo fibers which are more forgiving on knives than plastic and glass. This means that it will maintain the sharpness of your knives while also lengthening their lifespan.
4 FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Imagine what you can do with a set of two different sized cutting boards that can also be used on both sides. Never run out of room again! They can be used for small, large or multiple items for all of your cutting, chopping, or prepping needs as well as a tasteful charcuterie board or presentation board.


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