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Paleo / Keto coffee | Paleo / Keto Coconut milk coffee | Coffee | Paleo diet recipes in Tamil


Paleo / Keto Coconut milk coffee

Most coffee lovers could not giving up their coffee, its really a difficult part and also many hate to drink black coffee though they do drink. I feel this recipe is a gift for those coffee lovers for sure.

Coconut milk coffee recipe I have given is a flavoured low carb coffee.
Instead of using milk you can substitute coconut milk. Very tasty and wonderful coffee I have ever had.

I used home made coconut milk and freshly brewed black coffee in this recipe.


200ml coconut milk
1 cup hot black freshly brewed coffee
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
A small pinch of cinnamon powder


Keep the coconut milk over night or for few hours to separate the cream.

Remove the cream and transfer to a bowl and stir.

Add vanilla essence and cinnamon powder and mix well or blend it in a blender.

Take a thin hot black coffee freshly brewed.

Mix the coconut milk mixture into the coffee , stir with a spoon.

Sprinkle ltl cinnamon powder on top and enjoy your drink.


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