Home Italian Recipes PASTA VESUVIANA – Original Italian recipe

PASTA VESUVIANA – Original Italian recipe

PASTA VESUVIANA – Original Italian recipe

Dear Giallo Zafferano friends today we are going to prepare a main course that evokes the energy of the famous volcano dominating the Gulf of Naples. An espresso sauce ready in a few minutes that will captivate the palate of your guests.

Vesuvius Pasta … It makes me really hungry! Let’s start with a big important sofrito. Red onion in thin slices… in half… done! slowly… then red onion calls its cousin: red chili… let’s cut it into slices… Slice off the top.

.. this will do… Hot pan, a nice round of oil… let’s keep some seeds aside. We’ll stew it for about ten minutes with a couple of ladlefuls of cooking water. The onion is well stewed like young Manuel during economics or law classes.

We can add the peeled tomatoes into the pan… We mash them slightly without splashing the cameramen… There is already a nice smell here in Giallo Zafferano kitchen! Obviously if it’s the right season and your grocer Mario has Piennolo tomatoes, use those!! Now we go up one level and we add capers and olives.

Capers that I have previously rinsed otherwise how thirsty you’d be? we cut them coarse.. and the olives… A quick cut and then all in the pan. A tactic stir, we lower the heat and let our sauce cook for about ten minutes just the time for the pasta to cook It’s time to dip our spaghetti.

Wholemeal today, come on! We need something fresh for this sauce which is nice and strong… “Fiordilatte”mozzarella! Let’s go and dice it. Half will do… nice slices… strips and then… dices The scent is the right one, the sauce is ready… lets add the mozzarella.

Let’s finish off with some romantic leaves of fresh oregano more and more, scent and colours!! The pasta is nicely firm, we can drain it directly into the pan. A nice stir… Shall we taste it? You must be kidding me… We can dish it up! Quick! I can already hear the sea snorting on the rocks, the sun setting on the Gulf and the seagulls resting… “we are hungry!” .

..on the surface… Vesuvius Pasta, this is my version… I’ll wait for yours!… (whistle) .. I was just reciting a poem!


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