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Pridebit Cupcake Decorating Tips Extra Large Piping Icing Tips


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(as of Oct 23,2020 01:54:34 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Make your cupcakes look as good as they taste

Top your yummy cupcakes with classic swirls of delicious icing—choose from closed star, open star, French or round/plain decorating tips.

Create cupcake toppings that look perfect alone or as a base for further decoration with this set of 4 extra-large tips. Use your favorite buttercream icing or another frosting recipe.

This set of 4 high-quality cupcake decorating tips provides the right basic tools to create gorgeous frosted cupcakes. For extra fun, get our Russian piping tip sets, too!

Durable and easy to clean

Our piping tips are made of high-quality stainless steel that is durable. Easy to clean. They make cleaning up after decorating cupcakes a breeze!

Closed Star, Open Star, French and Round/Plain

Closed Star

The closed star tip creates thick, deep swirls of icing that end in a beautiful flower-like star. Use this tip to quickly top cupcakes with one steady stream of icing, or use it to make smaller, individual stars.

Open Star

The open star tip makes gorgeous swirls with dainty ridges that end in a petite, delicate star. Use this tip to make an elegant swirl on top of each cupcake, or use it to make small, perfect stars.


For a sophisticated-yet- easy cupcake decoration, pile on delicious frosting with the French tip. This will create a fancy, many-ridged swirl that looks complex but is simple to make. Smaller swirls or dots with this tip look chic, too!


We call it “plain” but that’s not really fair! The round/plain tip creates a beautifully smooth rounded rope of icing that won’t distract from lettering, sugar flowers or any other decorations you apply after the icing. You can also use it for extra-large writing on cakes!

In this set, you’ll also receive one extra-large ruffle tip for making cake edgings and large flowers and one extra-large coupler.

Beautiful cupcake decorations
Professional quality
Extra large piping tips
Easy to use
Easy to clean


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